10 Best Real-Life Based Documentaries on Netflix

10 Best Real-Life Based Documentaries on Netflix

Besides having a great collection of web series, TV shows, and movies, Netflix also provides us with a wide range of documentaries that are immensely enjoyed by viewers. A reason why documentaries interest people so much is because they provide us with a sense of realism, and an observation that the events happening in those documentaries have actually taken place; be it a chilling true crime story or an interesting life story of someone famous. 

Here’s a list of some 10 best documentaries on Netflix that we believe you might enjoy; from sports to true crime, to filmmaking.


1. Tiger King:


Tiger King
Tiger King

Tiger King, as most people say, is absolutely crazy. Looking at the poster at first what comes to mind is that this is a cute documentary on animals, right? Wrong. It’s a seven-part limited series, that follows the life of Joe Exotic, an all-American zookeeper, who has a feud going on with a big cat activist named Carole Baskin. It is a murder mystery as well, and also shows American entrepreneurs who run private zoos, and how many rules they violate. The series will have you hooked with a new twist in each episode.

2. F1 Drive to Survive:


F1 Drive to Survive
F1 Drive to Survive

‘F1 Drive to Survive’ is a two-season documentary series, which shows us the inside of the world’s greatest racing competitions. It gives us a story that goes beyond just the winners of the races. It is absolutely thrilling to watch the world’s best F1 racers prepare for the races. All of us definitely get a soft spot for one racer or another. The series takes us behind the scenes of the world’s most famous races; the emotions, the strategies, the tragedy strikes; everything that will get you hooked, whether you are a sports fan or not.

3. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes:


Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes
Ted Bundy

Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, who murdered at least 30 women, indirectly confessed to his crimes days before his execution, in the third person. The documentary is chilling to watch as it shows us how calm and collected, and even charming this psychopath killer was. In the 4- part series, Bundy talks in the third person, analyzing the person who may have committed these crimes. The director, Joe Berlinger, interviewed those who had interacted with Bundy, trying to separate Bundy from the lies that he often told people around him. If you are into watching crime analysis documentaries, this one is for you.

4. The Social Dilemma:


The social dilemma
The Social Dilemma:

The Social Dilemma, released in 2020, gives us an insight into how social media is used as a tool of misinformation and corruption amongst us and has us completely trapped in its web. The documentary shows us how social media has dominated most of our lives, impacts us in our daily routines and how all of our information is being stored and used to control and manipulate us, without us even realizing it.

5. Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond:


Jim and Andy
Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond

Director Chris Smith showed the behind the scenes of the 1999 biopic, ‘Man on the Moon’, in which Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman. If you are a fan of the comedian Andy Kaufman or Jim Carrey, then this documentary is surely for you! It’s absolutely fascinating to watch Jim Carrey bring his idol, Andy Kaufman, to life through his acting. Jim Carrey even won a Golden Globe for his acting.

6. Making a murderer:


Making a murderer
Steven Avery

This has to be one of the best true crime documentary series on Netflix and is extremely captivating. It is a documentary about a man most of us already know; Steven Avery from Wisconsin, who had to serve 18 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit, and then later, two years after his release, he was found guilty of murder. He was freed of a crime he did not commit only to be charged again for a crime that he did commit. This docu-series is extremely engrossing and shows us how even our criminal justice system makes many mistakes; ones that can cost people many many years of their lives.

7. Abducted in plain sight:


Abducted in plain sight
Abducted in plain sight

Abducted in plain sight is a chilling true-crime documentary that shows us the kidnapping of a 12-year old girl, Jan Broberg by her neighbor, that too two separate times, with a gap of 2 years. The Broberg family was manipulated and their daughter was groomed by their neighbor, Robert Berchtold, someone who was also a trusted family friend of theirs. The story is jaw-dropping and disturbing, but if you’re a crime documentary lover, this story will keep you interested throughout.

8. Amanda Knox:


Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox

The story of Amanda Knox was one of the most controversial and engrossing true crime story ever. In 2007, Amanda Knox was accused of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, who was an exchange student. Amanda, her boyfriend, and one another person were tried and she spent nearly four years in an Italian prison. The story is gripping and shows how the media painted her as guilty of the crime.

9. Icarus:



Icarus was made by filmmaker and cyclist Bryan Fogel, who shows us the investigation and effectiveness of performance-enhancing drugs, as he tested steroids on himself and documented it. The little investigation soon turned to a political thriller when he hired Russian experts to help him. The documentary takes a twist when it comes to light that many Russian athletes were going undetected after indulging in doping themselves. In 2018, ‘Icarus’ won the best documentary, Oscar.

10. The Staircase:


The staircase
The Staircase

Filmmaker Jean-Xavier de Lestrade followed the case of Michael Peterson for 16 years, a man, who was accused of murdering his wife in 2001. Kathleen Peterson was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her home, and her body was reported by her husband who claimed that she had fallen. This is another gripping and informative true-crime series, that will have us thinking whether the novelist Michael Peterson was actually innocent or guilty of murdering his wife. It also shows us the power of lawyers; how what’s proven in court isn’t always the truth.

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