“I’M NOT COOL” : Hyuna Finally Drops Teasers For New Album

"I'M NOT COOL" : Hyuna Finally Drops Teasers For New Album

Hyuna , the K-pop queen of P Nation is coming back with her seventh mini-album ‘I’m Not Cool’ and the teaser clips and videos have fans hooked as they can’t get enough of the sensuous shots and the groovy beats plus a few of famous Korean celebs making an appearance to make it all the more interesting. From release date to tracklist, here are all the deets that you need to know.

Hyuna, the 28-year-old K-pop star now signed with P Nation has made all the buzz with her latest comeback album where the ‘Flower Shower’ singer is offering five songs in total releasing on January 28. The former 4Minute member is releasing her first album under Psy’s P Nation, the agency that she joined in 2019. Hyuna, deemed as her unique style of performance-oriented music,  started her solo career with a banger single ‘Change’, which charted at number two on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. Later, her first-ever Extended Play ‘Bubble Pop!’ skyrocketed her popularity further with the title track selling more than three million digital copies as she became the first female K-pop solo artist to reach 100 million views on a single music video on YouTube.

With her latest offering, ‘I’m Not Cool’, Hyuna teases a bold concept embracing her quirky side and unique vocal range. The concept photos hint a blend of ‘Bubble Pop’ meeting the new age Hyuna. The teaser clip also features comedic appearances of a number of Korean stars including K-pop group Super Junior’s Heechul, Yang Se Hyung, Lee Soo Geun, Seo Jang Hoon, and Jo Se Ho. The track ‘Party Feel. Love’ (Feat Dawn) also features Hyuna’s beau, K-pop star Dawn. Their relationship news was taken as a huge surprise and although fans were happy for them, their companies tried to force them apart. They ultimately left their labels. And now Hyuna is back after a year long hiatus (health reasons) and is ready to cause a storm in the KPOP music industry.

I’m Not Cool’ drops on January 28 at 6 pm KST/ 9 am EST. Right after the album drops, Hyuna will premiere her comeback performance on Naver’s mobile app in the segment called #OUTNOW at 8 pm KST/ 6 am EST.


‘I’M NOT COOL’ Tracklist

1) ‘I’m Not Cool’ (Title track)

2) ‘Good Girl’

3) ‘Show Window’

4) ‘Party Feel. Love’ (Feat Dawn)

5) ‘Flower Shower’

Hyuna ’s ‘I’m Not Cool’ will be globally released on most of the major music platforms including YouTube, Apple Music, Melon and more. The album promises to show the new Hyuna who embraces all her unique quirks with a dash of sensuality and banger beats. Don’t miss out on this upcoming masterpiece.

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