BTS FESTIVAL : The New Album Era to begin with Celebrations

When it comes to releasing new albums, online concerts, merchandise and celebrations, BTS simply do not rest. Every year we get atleast two full albums, alot of music videos and singles, along with yearly packages and weekly bts episodes, among everything else. Out of these, army are most excited about BTS FESTA and BANGBANGCON. They just released information for a ” BTS FESTIVAL ” and the picture contains alot of hints and exciting events. Maybe the bts festival is related to the new album, maybe its for this year’s festa, who knows?


What is BTS Festa?


BTS Festa is an event where BTS celebrate their debut anniversary with ARMY. The annual celebration includes many gifts, like new pictures, funny profiles, video content, special songs, radio programs, and more. This celebration takes place for 10-14 days starting from either the 1st, 3rd, or 4th of June. ARMYS are surprised with new content every single or every other day during this 2 week celebration, ending with a themed concert (or online concert due to COVID 19) on the last day. Its basically a 2 week celebration and twitter is always flooded with armys, bts hashtags trending and the entire site going down when they post a particularly surprising selfie. 
BTS Muster is basically a concert and fan meetup held together. It is a two-day event organised once in a year. BTS Festa is the yearly anniversary celebration.



According to the picture BTS ‘s Label released, armys can look forward to alot of stuff. The photo of the BTS FESTIVAL shows different venues such as a concert stage, a mountain range, a movie theatre, an amusement park ride etc and all of them have little words on them. You can see D-2 mentioned, as well as mysterious titles such as PERSONALITY, CHEMISTRY, IDENTITY, which might be hints for their tracks on the new album or something entirely different.

Other things mentioned are EAT JIN- a live organized by the oldest member of BTS, Kim Seokjin, in which he eats new or his favourite food dishes and talks about his passion for food. He’s a great cook and often handled the meals for the entire group when they first debuted.

D-2 could be a hint towards the first ever performance of SUGA’s mixtape. Theres also mention of KKUL FM, the vlive audio-only talks SUGA use to do during the first half of 2021. We can also expect behind the scene videos of music videos, mixtapes, GCF, member vlogs etc. Armys are especially excited new mixtape and although theres nothing hinting towards them in the BTS FESTIVAL manifesto, surprises ARE mentioned.
Hope on the Street, GCF, Blogs and ARMYPEDIA are also mentioned. All these are exciting series of videos and games.
it could be that the BTS FESTIVAL is a recap of 2020 with some new content that is planned to be released soon, but its also definitely possible that its all for the new comeback season, for this year’s festa celebration of even a completely separate concert.
More information to come out soon!
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