Daechwita Sword Dance : Yoongi surprises army with BangtanBomb

Suga (Min Yoongi), a member of BTS, had released his second mixtape, D-2, a while back and everything single track surprised fans and antis alike. Always having been good at turning his vision into reality, Yoongi incorporated everything he wanted to show armys into his music video of the main track “Daechwita”.


A new BangtanBomb video was released today to show BTS member Yoongi practicing for the sword dance in Daechwita. Check it out.

Last summer, Yoongi surprised the fandom by dropping his mixtape D-2 along with the music video of Daechwita. Daechwita (literally “great blowing and hitting”) is a genre of Korean traditional music consisting of military music played by wind and percussion instruments, generally performed while marching.

The rapper took the ARMY back in time and delivered a regal MV. There is a seriously amazing storyline in the music video and it can all be seen connecting with real korean historical facts and customs. While the music video continues to receive love from fans, a new Bangtan Bomb was released to reveal Yoongi practicing the sword dance sequence for the music video. The rapper was seen sans RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook in the studio with a sword in his hand.

Yoongi stood in front of the mirror with the sword in his hand and followed the smallest instruction presented by his sword dance choreographer. While discussing his memory of watching those scenes, Yoongi attempted to recreate a pose from the K-drama before he flashes his endearing gummy smile. He also mentioned the famous horror Kdrama “Kingdom” which was coincidentally shot at the same place as Daechwita.

Yoongi is currently in the recovery stage after he underwent shoulder surgery last November. The rapper, who had been complaining about persistent shoulder problem, has been resting ever since. The rapper had to sit out from the pre and post-release promotions of the septet’s latest album BE. However, the rapper has been assuring fans that he is healing and is ready to participate in events with the rest of BTS.


“When we were preparing props, I made a list of swords,” Yoongi explained. “It’s called hwando in Korean. I looked up Joseon hwando and collected about 20 images and sent them to the company to choose one. So, I use hwando that was made by a real sword craftsman.”

Who taught Agust D ( Yoongi’s stage name) to do it? On Weverse, Yoongi revealed that he had originally asked Jimin to teach him. Jimin has kendo training, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to help Yoongi out.

Suga answered questions about “Daechwita” and his D-2 mixtape in a new interview for BangtanTV.

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