Get Ready To Wish J-HOPE From BTS: A Very Happy Birthday to Him

Get Ready To Wish J-HOPE From BTS: A Very Happy Birthday to Him

There’s an upcoming BTS birthday this month on the 18th and Armys are already busy with project preparations, streaming parties, and fundraiser projects. Member J-Hope ( Jung Hoseok ) is turning 26 this year and it’s going to be one hell of a celebration!

J-Hope is undoubtedly one of the finest dancers in the industry and leads the dance line, and is a part of both the vocal and rap line of the billion-dollar group, BTS.  A while back, J-Hope released his mixtape, HOPE WORLD, which was obviously a huge hit and is still streamed and appreciated daily. Armys have been increasing streaming rates of his solo projects, fancams, and mixtape as a celebration of his upcoming birthday.

Armys organize huge projects for the members’ birthdays such as the Burj Khalifa project for V’s recent birthday. They also set goals and spread information about other projects. They organize fundraisers, do charity in the name of the member and also change their layouts to those of the birthday boy, J-Hope this time, and sometimes even BTS jump in on this.

Several hashtags have been trending throughout the week, all in excitement for ” hobiuary” the name given to J-Hope ‘s birthday month (Hobi is his nickname). Member Suga also has an upcoming birthday, so the preparation of both the celebrations are being planned together.

Most of the projects are somewhat of a secret and will be revealed a day before or the day of J-Hope ‘s birthday. We can expect a live by the member on their VLIVE app, as they do one every year. The members of BTS all post funny and cute photos of the birthday boy starting around midnight in South Korea and sometime later, Armys get a bangtan bomb video, showing their celebrations.

Check out HOPE WORLD :

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