A BUSINESS PROPOSAL: When and Where to watch episode 8 with English subtitles

business proposal

Business Proposal is a new SBS K-Drama starring Ahn Hyo Seop from Lovers of the Red Sky and former Gugudan member Kim Se Jeong. The average nationwide viewership rate for Business Proposal Episode 7 was 9.9 percent. This represented a 0.2 percent dip from the prior episode rating of 10.1 percent. Read on to know when and where to stream episode 8 with English subtitles with a short recap of Episode 7.

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Business Proposal: A Preview

The sitcom follows an everyday office girl who goes on a blind date instead of her buddy in order to scare away a potential suitor. However, things go wrong when she discovers that her blind date was the CEO of the company for which she works. With seven episodes, SBS and Netflix’s latest hit K-drama has solidified its position as one of the best Romantic Comedy releases of the year.

Business Proposal: Episode 7 Recap

Tae-moo continues to pose as Ha-boyfriend ri’s in front of her friends in the seventh episode. He ignores his schedule in Seoul and follows Ha-friends ri’s around, bragging about his wealth and how much he adores her.

Min-woo, on the other hand, is concerned about Ha-ri and Tae-moo’s relationship. Yoo-ra becomes envious of Min- woo’s wariness and notices that her boyfriend appears to be more interested in Ha-ri than as a friend. Tae-moo’s acting as Ha- ri’s boyfriend escalates when he borrows his grandfather’s yacht. Min-woo irritates Tae-moo by suggesting they go fishing.

When and Where to Stream Business Proposal Episode 8

The eighth episode of drama will be released on March 22nd. According to the preview for the upcoming episode, Tae Moo will get into a fight with Min-woo over the ‘dating contract.’ SBS will broadcast Business Proposal episode 8 on March 22nd at 10 p.m. KST/9 a.m. ET. Within a few hours, the drama will be available on Netflix.

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