“A Hindu chanting Jai Shree Ram is most likely a terrorist” twitter users demand suspension of Sharjeel Usmani for sharing a conflicting tweet. Also check out why people are demanding justice for Aasif?

Twitter users demand suspension of Sharjeel Usmani

Ex-AMU student Sharjeel Usmani has always been on the headlines for his conflicting tweets and speeches, which particularly involves his hatred towards Hindus. Recently, he shared a conflicting tweet on his official handle, after which the twitter users demanded his suspension from the social media platform.

His tweet certainly portrayed his hatred towards The Hindu community, as he demands justice for Asif, who belonged to a Muslim community and beaten to death by a group of people in Haryana’s Mewat. Another innocent was mob lynched to death in Haryana just like Bhuvan Chandra Joshi.

Why did Twitter users demand suspension of Sharjeel Usmani?

Recently, Sharjeel Usmani shared a conflicting tweet in the view of justice for Asim, who was mob lynched to death in Haryana’s Mehwat. His single twitter lit the spark on twitter, where he clearly expressed his hatred towards The Hindu community, even calling them ‘terrorists’.

He tweeted, “#Justice for Asif: A Hindu chanting Jai Shree Ram is most likely a terrorist”. Soon after he shared this tweet, twitter users asked twitter India to suspend Sharjeel Usmani’s account.

Check out some of the tweets demanding the suspension of Sharjeel Usmani here:

Twitter users demand suspension of Sharjeel Usmani from twitter as he violated the policy of “Hatred Conduct”, expressing his hatred towards a particular community.

Who is Aasif Khan and why twitter users demand justice for him?

Aasif Khan was a 28-year-old Gym trainer, who belonged to the Muslim community. He was beaten to death by the goons of Gujjar Community, and was lynched to death by Hindu vigilante groups on Sunday night, in Mehwat district, Haryana, after forcing him to chant “Jai Shree Raam”, a prayer turned war-cry by The Hindu Nationalists militants.

Aasif Khan

“A group of 15 stopped the car and started abusing the passengers. They shouted ‘maar mulle ko’ (kill Muslims) and lynched Khan,” Asif’s uncle told Maktoob. “The mob hit the car from behind and when they stopped the car they hurled stones at the car,” Hasan(Aasif’s uncle) was quoted by Maktoob. ”The other two escaped the attack but Asif was captured and lynched.”

Aasif was travelling with his friends from Khalilpur, his home village, to Sohna to get medicines. Khan was found dead in Nangli, a village on the outskirts of Sonha, Haryana. Khan’s relative also shared that there is a history of hostility between Khan and Hindu groups in his village.

There are two caste-based groups in the village, one of Zakir caste led by Asif and other of Gurjar caste led by Pradeep. Each have 15-20 members each. About 20 days back, Asif’s group had beaten up members of Pradeep’s group and to avenge the same, Pradeep’s group attacked Asif.

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