A Simple Murder : Dark Comedy, Sonyliv finds a gem in Bollywood

Simple Murder: Can A MURDER ever be SIMPLE?

SonyLIV recently came up with a new web show and of course, there is nothing simple about killing in this 7 parted dark-comedy-crime-drama show named A SIMPLE MURDER. Read everything you should know about.

Simple Murder Plot Summary

Manish (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub), a broken man struggling to find an investor for his start-up, and his unsatisfied wife Richa (Priya Anand) could even sleep with other men but not with him until he gets money.

Manish accidentally meets Pandit (Yashpal Sharma), who worked for a minister, assigned him to kill a girl in exchange of 10 lakh rupees.

The murder was supposed to be simple where a minister wanted his daughter ‘Priya’ (Tejasvi Singh Ahlawat) to be killed because being a Hindu she loved a Muslim guy ‘Usman’ (Ankur Pandey).

Manish goofed up. He killed the wrong person who was the fiancée of a contract killer Santosh (Amit Sial), Manish even took a bag containing 5 crore rupees from there. The completely mad story revolves around the money chase and murders. Other characters come into play –

Rahul (Ayaz Khan), he had affair with Priya (Manish’s wife) and Santosh’s wife;Himmat (Sushant Singh), the original killer who was supposed to get the job instead of Manish; Inspector (Gopal Dutt) and Sub Inspector (Vikram Kochhar), investigating the murders, they bring a kind of twist in the story.


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What IMDB says?

IMDB rating of A Simple Murder is 6.8/10.

“People blindly giving negative reviews because of their ideology, the show is good, all performances are good. Back to back good shows by SonyLiv.” – IMDB user review.


What TheSillyTV says?

Overall a good show with average comedy, a crazy story, and some great performances,

The show is absolutely entertaining and will not disappoint if you binge-watch all the episodes tonight.


Can we expect a sequel?

Of course yes, the narrator (Vijay Raaz) has made pretty clear in the end that the story remains incomplete and there will be a second part to this.

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