“Didn’t you see Aly’s Abuses”- Abhinav questions wife Rubina’s intentions in Big Boss 14

"Didn't you saw Aly's Abuses"- Abhinav questions wife Rubina's intentions in Big Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla, who got along well with most parts of the show are suddenly at loggerheads. Aly’s hatred came out in front of everyone during the recent fight when he called Abhinav names. From mocking Abhinav to calling him Rakhi Sawant’s puppet, Aly Goni made several derogatory comments against Abhinav Shukla. He even stated that, ‘I will smack your face’ and I will spit and you will have to lick it.

Hearing Aly Goni’s threats of smacking his face, Abhinav challenged the former to do it. He called Abhinav ‘Pura desh tujhe nalla bolta hai”. Abhinav Shukla also did not keep quiet and gave it back to Aly Goni. He even questioned his selective morality.

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Shefali Bagga tweeted:

Abhinav and Aly's face off
Abhinav and Aly’s face off

Abhinav Shukla questions wife Rubina Dilaik’s intentions as she gets along with Aly Goni even after their massive argument

After the task was called-off by Bigg Boss, the next day Aly Goni was seen boasting how once again he played an important role in cancelling the task. He said “Mera nahi toh kissi ka nahi.” All the housemates seated there started laughing and Rubina also joined them in the fun banter.

Abhinav and Rubina
Abhinav and Rubina

Abhinav was highly upset with Rubina Dilaik for doing so and he questioned her intentions. Abhinav asked Rubina that didn’t she witness Aly’s abuses and mocking for him and even after seeing all that why was she behaving so friendly with him. Rubina clarified and told Abhinav that when Jasmin was against her and would taunt her, Abhinav never left Jasmin’s side and was always on good terms with her. But she never stopped Abhinav from talking to Jasmin, nor questioned his intention then why is he asking her not to be friends with Aly.

Abhinav tried to defend himself by saying that Jasmin never stooped to the level on which Aly went during the task.

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