Cecil Hotel is Now ‘Stay on the Main’: All about the ‘cursed’ Cecil Hotel, Open or Closed?

Cecil Hotel is Now 'Stay on the Main': All about the 'cursed' Cecil Hotel, Open or Closed?
The infamous hotel in Los Angeles, ‘The Cecil Hotel’, (now renamed as ‘Stay on the Main’), was first opened for business almost a century ago, in 1927.  Just the name of this hotel is enough to spark a wave of fear and disturbance among those who know about its reputation for being the place of acts of violence, murder, and suicides.

Countless horrific incidents have taken place at the Cecil, and Netflix even released a documentary based on the events that had taken place at this hotel, titled Crime Scene: The Vanishing at The Cecil Hotel, primarily focussing on Elisa Lam, the Canadian student who mysteriously disappeared from the Hotel, after a series of questionable incidents. She was 19 days later found dead in the water tank of the Hotel. Directed by Joe Berlinger, the four-part docuseries explores the troubled past of the supposedly ‘cursed’ hotel.

The Cecil even was an inspiration for the fifth series of American Horror Story: Hotel.

Cecil Hotel is Now 'Stay on the Main': All about the 'cursed' Cecil Hotel, Open or Closed?
Cecil changed to ‘Stay on the Main’, Los Angeles
Where is The Cecil located?

Stay On Main,  is located at 640 South Main Street, near a part of downtown Los Angeles nicknamed ‘Skid Row’. The hotel’s website describes the location as: “The venue is set in the charming part of Los Angeles, a few minutes’ drive from Los Angeles Convention Center. The Museum of Contemporary Art has nestled 1 km away. Guests may enjoy dishes of American, French, European, and Italian cuisine served in Bottega Louie, which is about 650 meters away. Cecil Hotel provides great lodging in proximity to The Reserve.”

Is the Cecil Hotel still open for business?

As of right now, the Cecil Hotel/Stay on Main is not currently open to the public, as it is undergoing renovations and will be redeveloped into a mix of hotel rooms and residential units. Once renovations are complete, it will likely reopen to guests and the public. After Lam’s death in 2013, the hotel stayed in business for four more years, and then closed in 2017, and hasn’t re-opened yet. Plans to completely redevelop the interior and fix the issues in the building were in the works, alongside a gym, a lounge, and a rooftop pool.

In 2007, the Cecil Hotel was sold for $26 million and later renamed and rebranded in 2011 as “Stay on Main”. Hotelier Richard Born paid $30 million and bought the hotel in 2014.

The renovations were estimated to be complete sometime in 2021, although coronavirus may have delayed the process further.

How many people have died at The Cecil?

Elisa Lam’s case wasn’t the first time death lured around Hotel Cecil like a shadow. Over the decades, Cecil has been a scene of multiple suicides, overdoses, murders, and has even hosted two serial killers who stayed there during their killing sprees, one of them being Richard Ramirez; the man on whom Netflix had released another documentary.

According to reports, at least 16 sudden or unexplained deaths have taken place at The Cecil. At least three murders have been linked to the Cecil and over 16 unexplained deaths and suicides have also taken place there – from suicidal poisonings to overdosing, to a woman throwing her newborn child out of a window. General manager Amy Price (who worked there from 2007 to 2017) however, told Netflix that she has seen around “80 deaths” in the 10 years that she worked there.

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