AESPA’s Fans Furious After The Girl Group Gets Trolled For Reaching Number 1 on Melon

aespa's melon profile gets trolled

The group of SM aespa rookie girls is very popular as it is gaining worldwide recognition and confirming its title as monster rookies. Aespa managed to break records as their song “Next Level” managed to reach number 1 on MelOn’s 24H charts and 1 month after being released on BTS’s Butter “. With this record, Aespa became the first SM artist to raise the music chart MelOn’s 24H.

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AESPA’s Fans React To Their Records

Fans have been thrilled with the girls’ team as they have already set new records in less than a year since they started. However, love also comes with irrational hatred sometimes.

Recently, one of the netizen revealed that Aespa MelOn’s music profile was intimidating as internet trolls targeted the girls’ page to leave them with a 1-star review to lower their ranking on the music site.

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In fact, the rate of aespa at the music site continued to decline over the next few days. According to netizen who created the online community, aespa has been intimidated since its inception, with hackers attacking their page after reaching number 1 on MelOn’s 24H charts.

After seeing what these hateful people did, some network users joined the conversation to comment, “They’re so low,” “I thought they would stop if the girls reached number 1 but these haters are getting worse,” “Ugh, they’re so annoying. These people have no lives,” “Well congrats to the SM group,” and “They’re so childish.”

Aespa’s latest track “Next Level” will be facing a ban during the South Korean national college entrance exams, twelve years after Shinee’s track Ring Dong Dong was banned during the SATs for a very addictive and catchy music. Ring Dong Dong was put on an unofficial ban list as the song would keep on replaying in the students’ heads while they appeared for the exam, which after extremely important entrance examinations that are conducted only once a year.

Next Level is another song from SM Entertainment that is facing a ban for the same reason. the song, at first faced a very strong criticism for being “Different than what we’re used to”, but then after listening to it on repeat made it something so addictive that music critics are full of appreciation for the song.

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