Aespa’s Next Level To Be Banned For South Korea’s SATs: Another SM Entertainment Song Banned After Shinee’s Ring Ding Dong 12 Years Ago

aespa next level banned in south korean sats

Aespa’s latest track “Next Level” will be facing a ban during the South Korean national college entrance exams, twelve years after Shinee’s track Ring Dong Dong was banned during the SATs for a very addictive and catchy music. Ring Dong Dong was put on an unofficial ban list as the song would keep on replaying in the students’ heads while they appeared for the exam, which after extremely important entrance examinations that are conducted only once a year.

Next Level is another song from SM Entertainment that is facing a ban for the same reason. the song, at first faced a very strong criticism for being “Different than what we’re used to”, but then after listening to it on repeat made it something so addictive that music critics are full of appreciation for the song.

An anonymous music critic said, “blood begins to become heated in excitement as soon as Karina starts singing ‘I’m on the Next Level’ as the exciting beat sticks to the listener’s ears and the melody remains ringing in their head.”

The song marks Aespa’s second official comeback after their debut with the song called “Black Mamba” . Next Level is so gripping because of it’s futuristic vibe and a crisp feeling of the fantasy of the universe of Artificial intelligence. The members of the group are Karina, Winter, NingNing and Giselle. The girls have striking visuals with very unique vocals and rap styles.

Next level is a remake of the original soundtrack of the Hollywood movie “Fast and furious presents: Hobbs and Shaw”. Karina, the face of Aespa and main rapper has shocked netizens ever since her debut, she is often hailed as an “AI Generated beauty” and after the Aespa performed Next Level on the music stage, the netizens were left dumbfounded yet again because of her unreal visuals.

Listen to Aespa’s Next Level below:

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