Afghanistan crisis: Afghani people climbing US plane. From Kangana to Rhea, Bollywood celebs expressed their concern

Afghanistan crisis

Afghanic Taliban crisis : The Taliban occupied the capital of Kabul in Afghanistan after a week of armed conquest. They took over the presidential palace and renamed the country as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Many Bollywood stars have turned to social media to express their fear and sadness about the bleak situation. The Taliban took complete control of Afghanistan.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country. In issuing a statement, he said that he had left the country to save the country from bloodshed. The situation has remained dire since the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. People are fleeing the country without taking any goods. The fear is clearly visible among the people at Kabul airport. People want to leave the country anyhow.


Kangana Ranaut, known for her expressive and bold style, also shared her views on the subject and for once you might agree with her

Posting a picture of Afghanic Taliban crisis, Kangana wrote, ‘Today we are watching this silently, tomorrow it may happen to us too’. Along with this, Kangana has shared her views on another news in which it is being said that the Indian government will bring all the Hindus of Afghanistan to India. Responding to this, Kangana wrote, “I am proud of myself that I took all the brickbats and fought for #CAA ideally I want to save the whole world but I need to start with my home.”

At the same time, posting a different story, Kangana wrote: “It’s true right now that Afghanistan needs us, all those dramaebaz who cried foul for Palestine muslims are enjoying brutal bloodbath of Afghani Muslims, I want to thank our Government for proposing CAA and giving hope and a place to live to all the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, Christians and other minorities from all neighbouring Islamic nations… I wish we could save entire Afghanistan but charity begins at home, we are going to save all the minorities there and someday we will save the world as well… Prayers for Afghanistan.”

Kangana also mentioned a tweet in Insta Story in which it was informed that Taliban officials were giving updates on Twitter. Kangana wrote with this : “I am banned on twitter because I spoke against Bengal violence, Talibanis are updating the world with their terrroistic activities through twitter…”

Rhea Chakraborty raised her voice for women

Rhea Chakraborty turned to Instagram stories to get world leaders to stand up for women trafficked in Afghanistan. She wrote: “While women around the globe fight for pay parity, women in Afghanistan are being sold – they have become the pay. Heartbroken to see the condition of women and minorities in Afghanistan. Urge the global leaders to stand up to this! #smashpatriachy. Women are human too (sic).”

Here are Kabul posts shared by other Bollywood stars:

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and musician Armaan Malik took to Twitter to express his prayers for the people of Afghanistan.

At the moment, the situation in Afghanistan is extremely painful. Looking at the state of the population of the country, we cannot even imagine what they have to go through. There were some really disturbing photos and videos on social media. However, few came out and talked about the situation.

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