One must idealize Akshay Kumar over any other actor in the Indian cinema today!

Why, one must idealize Akshay Kumar over any other actor in the Indian cinema today!

His acting exhibits who he really is as a person. He is doing his bit by choosing to do the most difficult roles to uplift our society and for that he deserves a lot more than an appreciation!

Akshay thinks before he acts

A legend that he is, Akshay Kumar believes that whatever he does through his films he will never be able to do all that through politics. Anyway politics has never been his agenda. In these 30 years of his career in Indian cinema he has attracted a large number of fans. They idealize him and walk on his footsteps. Keeping that in mind he is inclined towards drawing the attention of his audience to the most relevant social issues through his films. Although he has played numerous roles ranging from comic to romantic and what not but what counts is his efforts to spread awareness in our society.

The producers and scriptwriters of movies like Toilet and Padman definitely deserve all the respect for putting their valuable thoughts and opinions into words but without the efforts and efficient acting of the lead characters the message wouldn’t have impacted the masses the way it did.

Everything that appears as the topic of discussion on the big screen no more remains a taboo. Be it menstruation a very natural process or need of toilets in the rural areas. Such is the influence of cinema that ordinary people look upon actors (whichever character fascinates them) for deciding ways in which they lead their lives. For instance the beauty standards set by the film industry contribute to the social stereotypes.

Something that definitely needs no addition to it. None other than our favorite actresses do not care to show what is necessary because of the amount of money and glamour that irrelevant roles fetch them.

What makes him Akshay Kumar?

Luck and hard work go hand in hand. A man reflects what he chooses to be. Akshay has been a very hard working actor. None of his forefathers has been in this industry yet he proved to be one of the most refined actors of all times. Needless to say, fortune favors the brave.

The way he deals with criticism shows his desire to keep growing all his life. He claims that there was a time when the top producers and directors didn’t use to approach him and he still continued trying his hand at new things. Who knew experimenting would push him into an ocean of opportunities? He did I’m sure and that’s what we refer to when we say believing in oneself can do wonders!

He is known for his versatility for there is absolutely no expression that we haven’t seen on his face. He fits in all his roles so perfectly that there remains no point of replacement. But the amount of respect that he gets for doing films addressing social evils is immense because such movies require another level of commitment and hard work. It is like walking an extra mile to add quality to your content irrespective of what your reward is.

There has not been many interviews where he hasn’t mentioned how much he respects his father. The way he speaks of him speaks a lot about his roots and who he is as a person. Talking about his most attractive traits, what is that one thing that comes to your mind when you hear his name? It is discipline, isn’t it? He is extremely passionate about his career and that is exactly what his acting exhibits. When right inputs are used to produce an essential commodity the output is fruitful. Hence casting actors like him in films that force you to think beyond the prescribed direction adds everlasting impacts.

What makes him such a legendary actor is his contributions to the social welfare. Infinite people get inspired by him each day. It is not important for him to be on screen in order to be heard because everything he says throws light on his native knowledge and automatically inspires people with least efforts and influence. No denial to the fact that he has appeared in many films that were merely for entertainment purposes but what matters by the end is the ones that people remember. The ones that had an actual purpose.

To sum up I would like to say it is very important to know what you show to your audience as an actor. Along with the right platform comes difficult choices. Films that address social issues fetch you an equally good amount of money as any other film that is meant for entertainment purposes. An actor is known for three things mostly- his roles, how much he is like his roles in real life and his acting skills of course. Keeping that in mind one must have complete knowledge of what he chooses to show on the big screen because its impact is larger than what is predicted by the actors in their minds.

Playing such strong roles like he did in Padman, Toilet or Laxmii were definitely not easy but the amount of respect people have for him today is majorly because he chose to play such roles. Some might call his success a mere fortune but what would fortune do if the person doesn’t know how to use it in a good way?

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