AleXa To Join Private Messaging App “Bubble” On June 24: Announced Comeback With Concept Trailer

alexa to join bubble

Kpop solist AleXa will be joining Private messaging platform Bubble on June 24. The singer also revealed that she will be making a comeback soon with a concept trailer. She shared her thoughts about her experience in being a solo artist, along with the effect of globalization of K-pop on the genre and on her as an artist. She gave credit to social media for the rise of K-pop. Read on to know more.

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ALEXA To Make A Comeback Soon

AleXa, also known as Alexandra Christine Schneiderman debuted in October 2019 with a very gripping song “BOMB”. The singer will be performing at the K-pop SuperFest which is scheduled to be live streamed around the worldwide on June 19.

“To be able to be on the line-up for the performances but to also have a hand in MCing for the first time, I’m very excited for that, I’ve had a little bit of a gap in between stages and everything, so that’s gonna be a big thing, but also having a global online audience, I think it’s gonna be very big for us.” Said AleXa in an interview with Daily Star.

Other artists to perform at the kpop superfest are Jessi, Momoland and The Boyz.

ALeXa released the trailer for her new track called “ReviveR” on her official Youtube Channel. The new album comes out on July 1st 2021. She is now considered a global artist, as her influence is growing worldwide. She was also selected as Spotify’s RADAR Korea artist.

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AleXa On The Globalization Of K-pop

While talking about the globalization of K-pop she said “K-pop has grown so rapidly, crazily over the past few years. But I think especially, nowadays, we’re living in the digital age. So many of these Gen-Z kids are online with social media, it’s so easy to find information and get connected with one another and share things in general.”

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