All About Loki’s Episode 2: Ending Explained

Loki, Loki Variant

The second episode of Marvel’s third series from MCU phase 4, Loki came out on Wednesday, and by the end of the episode, ultimate chaos had unleashed – leaving the fans wanting for more. The Loki Variant that had been causing trouble and killing the soldiers of the TVA was finally revealed, and it was certainly not what we had expected.

Episode 2 *Spoilers Ahead*

The theme of time travel was brought into the MCU through Avengers: Endgame, but it now being widely explored in this series. The first episode of the series had ended with Loki agreeing to help the TVA in catching his variant that had been causing major problems for the Time Variants Authority; setting up minor nexus events so she can ambush their field agents and steal the reset charges they use to destroy branches in the timeline.

In the latest episode, with Loki’s help, who was successful in predicting his variant’s location and thought process, the TVA guards, Mobius and Loki reach the location of an apocalypse taking place in 2050, where they believe that the variant is hiding out. It was however, all the variant’s plan, who had lured them to the hide out, by deliberately leaving hints in the past timeline. Finally, after meeting up with Loki in different forms (by taking over the bodies of other humans with a simple touch), the variant reveals itself, and surprisingly it’s a woman- aka, the ‘Lady Loki’.

She sets up the reset chargers that she had stolen, and as time runs out, the chargers start disappearing. She opens up another portal for herself, and disappears into it. Despite not initially having any intentions of betraying Mobius and the TVA soldiers, Loki still chooses to follow his female counterpart through the time portal. Mobius and the others watch him go, but are too slow to stop him.

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Loki Episode 2 Explained:

Many were left with the question as to who was the female variant that we saw at the end of the episode.

In the comics, Lady variant was created as part of the Ragnarok cycle, with the trickster god’s psyche possessing the body destined to be reincarnated as Sif, but trailers for Loki have suggested the MCU’s Lady Loki has a simpler origin; Loki has been confirmed to be gender-fluid in the MCU. While most people think that she is the ‘Lady Loki’, many others believe that she is actually Sylvie Lushton.

Sylvie was a regular girl living in Broxton, Oklahoma (in the comics), when the reborn Asgard appeared in the sky over her hometown, and decided to give Sylvie powers just as a prank. It is possible that it is actually Sylvie who is playing the part of the female variant.

Lady Loki’s plan:

The variant sees herself as an insurgent fighting against the tyranny of the TVA, rejecting the destiny they are choosing for the MCU’s Multiverse. She begins to launch ambushes on the TVA in order to acquire their precious reset charges, and now she has created a nascent Multiverse to keep them occupied. It is possible that she is now aiming to take out the Time-Keepers themselves, after learning their location. 

But she knows far too much about the timeline, and possesses a lot of advanced technology she shouldn’t really have access to, notably the portals she opened throughout the timeline. That suggests she is not working alone, but rather has someone who is helping her. We only have to keep watching the series further to find out!

The second episode of the series was directed by Kate Herron, and written by Elissa Karasik. It also marked the debut marvel role of Sophia Di Martino, who is playing the role of ‘Lady Loki’.

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