All Viral memes of 2020: TOP Memes that you have to remember from 2020

All Viral memes of 2020: TOP Memes that you have to remember from 2020

2020 was an absolutely weird and crazy year, with too many drastic things happening at the same time. Humour was what kept most of us sane during this year, and the internet provided us with the best humorous content. Memes not only provided us with funny content but often helped in spreading information amongst the mainstream social media users. Here’s a look into the most viral memes of 2020, from the beginning to the end. 

World war 3 memes (January):

We knew the year had kicked off to a CRAZY start when only within the first week into 2020, rumors of having a World War 3 started. Various memes on the same issue were made. 


‘Maine bohot struggle kiya hai’ memes (January):

After coming for a roundtable conference interview with Rajeev Masand, Ananya Pandey and Siddhant Chaturvedi came under the meme trap and hilarious content was made on their conversation about ‘struggle’, where Siddhant Chaturvedi subtly roasted Ananya Pandey.


Corona Virus memes (January-present):

If we have to pinpoint one reason for everyone’s pain this year, it’s without a doubt the spread of the coronavirus throughout the world. The internet shared their pain, caused due to Covid-19 in the form of memes. From Cardi B shouting ‘CORONA VIRUS’, to Indians holding ‘GO CORONA’ slogans in rallies, to lockdown memes, we saw it all. 

Smiling Zomato guy (February):

Zomato delivery boy, Sonu, got viral all over social media after a video of him smiling through a list of questions was posted. His picture was even used by Zomato itself. When asked his reason for smiling all the time by the one making the video, he simply says that he is very happy with making 350 rupees per day for his job.

Bernie Sanders memes (February):

Bernie Sanders became one of the best memes of 2020 after he released a video with the opening line saying “I’m once again, asking for your financial support’ and the internet saw that as an opportunity of creating a series of hilarious memes.

Lockdown memes (March):

When it comes to 2020 memes, of course, the memes resulting from the coronavirus have to be one of the most famous ones. All of us had to stay at home during the first few months of lockdown which drove a lot of people’s insanity, the only outlet is finding joy in the countless memes that were made.



Neha Dupia memes (March):

Actress Neha Dhupia got constantly trolled with memes after an episode of Roadies Revolution, in which she made a comment about how it is okay for a woman to cheat on her boyfriend with fiver other men because it is ‘her choice’. 


Coffin dancers (April):

Memes of 4 pallbearers carrying a coffin on their shoulders while dancing soon got viral in the month of April and various memes on the same were made.










X AE A-xii FKA X AE A-12 (May): 

You can’t name your son ‘X AE A-xii FKA X AE A-12’, and NOT expect the internet to make jokes about it. That too when the person naming his son ‘X AE A-xii FKA X AE A-12’ is Elon Musk himself. After finding out that Elon Musk named his newborn baby after a maths equation, hilarious memes on the same went viral on social media. 


Binod (July):

One of the greatest mysteries of 2020 was unleashed in July. Who is BINOD? Binod memes went viral to the point where this was all that people commented. It all started with an account simply commenting on his own name and was given an unofficial shoutout by Slayy point, after which locals went crazy. It got to the point where even the comment section of even Pewdiepie’s streams was filled with ‘Binod’.


Everything is cake (July):

All those who use social media regularly definitely must have seen the absolutely insane videos of every realistic looking thing turning out to be a cake. You know the internet is a crazy place to be in when you are sitting in your room at 2am and watching a video of shoes, crocs, and various other real objects actually just being cake.


Rasode me kon tha (August):

After Yashraj Mukhate releases his music edit on a scene from and, Indian TV serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya, it widely went viral all over social media. It went so viral that it was acknowledged and reacted to by almost all the famous YouTubers, and several memes were made.


Mentally I’m here (August):

‘Mentally I’m here’ memes are memes of longing, of spiritually being in a better place than we currently are in. In short, it was basically a 2020 meme, since mentally, we can all be in a better place than this year.



First presidential debate (September):

The first Presidential debate was absolutely bizarre. Like, you didn’t have to be an American citizen to get a headache from the debate, where both, Trump and Biden fought like children. It was plain hilarious.

Among Us (September):

Among us is a multiplayer game that quickly blew up a while after being launched. A simple game where there are players in a spaceship where they can either be the crewmates or an imposter. This game gained a lot of popularity soon enough and meme-makers got great content from it.

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Mirzapur memes (October):

The much-awaited season 2 of Mirzapur was released by Amazon Prime in October, and members certainly provided us with hilarious Mirzapur meme content. 


Vibing cat (November):

A video of a cat vibing to the music being played by a blind Turkish drummer went viral on Instagram and was loved by many. The internet made various video edits and memes featuring the cat. 


They don’t know (December):

This meme is basically a representation of those being at a party, or at a crowded place, feeling alone, inadequate, and rather self-conscious, but still want to be a part of the crowd. 






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