Amanda Gorman : Ellen DeGeneras endorses Amanda Gorman for president after Biden’s Inauguration

Amanda Gorman, the youngest girl to recite at presidential inauguration.

Amanda Gorman, a 22 year old youth, graduated from Harvard University, has dreams of becoming President one day and Ellen DeGeneras is already endorsing her for 2036.

Amanda Gorman, the youngest girl to recite at presidential inauguration.
Amanda Gorman, the youngest person to recite a Poem at Presidential Inauguration.
Who is Amanda Gorman?

Amanda Gorman is an American Poet and activist. She was born in 1998, Los Angeles, California. A 22 year old Black Catholic became the youngest poet in U.S history to recite “The Hill we Climb” at Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20 and Gorman was also the first person to be named National Youth Poet Laureate.

Amanda ‘s work usually focuses on the issues of racisim, feminism, oppression and marginalization. Amanda Gorman was raised by Dr. Joan Wicks with her two siblings. Gorman has a twin sister, Gabrielle, who is also an activist and a film-maker.

Soon after her performance at the presidential inauguration, her two upcoming books, the poetry collection The Hill We Climb and a project for youth, Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem, were at the top of Amazon‘s bestseller list. According to the sources,the two of her books are said to be releasing in September 2021.

Amanda has aspirations of becoming a President one day and she received her first endorsement and vote of confidence from Hillory Clinton, former Secretary of state, after she read her “The Hill We Climb” at Biden’s Inauguration.

Amanda Gorman on Ellen De Generas:

The Ellen Show or Ellen DeGeneres is an American daytime television comedy talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. The show is a combination of comedy, celebrity, musical guests, and other human-interest stories.

Amanda Gorman, on tuesday, made a virtual appearance on the Ellen’s show and recalled receiving the “biggest and warmest” hug from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

She said to Ellen that “Whenever I meet Michelle, I hope that she forgets meeting me because I just want a do-over. I just want a clean slate and do it right this time,”.  “But she always remembers and she’s always great.”

Gorman added, “And when I hug her, I’m so short – my forehead is like in her belly button, and it’s the best.”

Amanda also talked about her dream of becoming a president one day on The Ellen’s show and the host, Ellen DeGeneras herself, endorses Amanda for President in 2036.

Watch the video here:

“I want to be one of the first to give you my official endorsement.” – Ellen DeGeneras said to Amanda Gorman. She also added that ‘we are behind you 100 percent’ and gave Amanda some presidential campaign merchandise which included T-shirts, pins and mugs. 

Gorman also stated that she had a math teacher who jokingly said Amanda for becoming a president because she was somewhat fiesty and passionate girl, which she is, even today. She said “I had a math teacher who said kind of somewhat jokingly — because I was a very passionate, feisty girl, as I am today — you should run for president,” she recalled. “I was like, you know what? That tracks. Let’s put that on the bulletin board for the future.”

Amanda’s family, she mentioned, are also very sopportive of her goals. She talked about her twin sister, Gabrielle, who is an activist and a film-maker. She stated “In college, my twin sister would be at like parties and people would be posting things on Snapchat or whatever. And she would say, ‘Don’t get a photo of me, my sister is running for president in 25 years from now. I can’t have an image coming up”. Amanda added that “So we all really hold ourselves accountable to the dream”.

Watch the full video of Amanda Gorman here :


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