ANIME WORLD: 8 Best Romance Anime One Should Definitely Binge On

best romance anime

Romance is a genre everybody needs to have a taste of, and when it is combined with the Anime and its extravagant cinematic experience, it becomes something you can’t put down.

What was once thought of as nothing more than just cartoons, ANIME is now ruling the world in the entertainment sphere. These Japanese animated shows showcase iconic storytelling and animation, captivating enough to blow your mind away. A new wave of popularity was seen for these series and the viewership expanded to the western countries. This newfound obsession left people of all age groups, spend nights and days streaming Anime. Of course, It’s never too late to become a fan.

ANIME WORLD: 8 Best Romance Anime One Should Definitely Binge On
Best Romance Anime


8. His and Her Circumstances

Yukino Miyazawa is really vain, and loves to hear people praise her. She’s always been best at everything, and always tries to look perfect. But when Yukino goes to high school, she’s finally upstaged by Souichiro Arima, who scores better on entrance exams and instantly snatches the attention of the class. By accident, Arima finds out that Yukino is just pretending, as this starts a series of events that lead Yukino and Arima falling in love.

” You might understand it intellectually ,but you can’t help how you feel

7. Sweet Blue Flowers

Shy, crybaby Fumi has just transferred into Mutsuaka Girl’s High School, in the city of Kamakura. It’s been 10 years since she moved away leaving her dear friend Akira behind, and soon, they two are reunited once more. Between classes and social engagements, the two experience love, the struggle to admit one’s true feelings, and the joy of companionship.

” Tell me, Fumi. I won’t be able to sleep otherwise .”

6. Kimi No Todoke (From Me To You)

Sawako Kuronuma is misunderstood due to her resemblance to the ghost girl from the King, but one day the nicest boy in the class, Kazehaya befriends her and everything changes after that along with everyone’s perspective of her but there is a lot of struggle that awaits for her in the future.

“So she knows how to smile”

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5. Ao Haru Ride

The story around Futaba, a girl who was in love with a boy named Ko Tanaka in middle school, however it did not last long as the guy transfers schools, but in high school her world is turned around once again when she meets him once again and she is dumbfounded.

“Despite the cruelty of his words there was something lonely in his expression”

4. Your Name

Mitsuha is the daughter of the mayor of a small mountain town. She’s a straightforward high school girl who lives with her younger sister and grandmother. Taki is a high school boy in Tokyo who works part time in an Italian restaurant and aspires to become an architect or an artist. Every night he has a strange dream where he becomes a high school girl in a small mountain town.

“My heart is racing, He’s here. I reach out my hand.

She’s here. I reach out my hand…

But my fingers touch nothing”

3. Five Centimeters Per Second

Five centimeters per second is a romance anime that focuses on the harsh reality of long distance relationships. Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara are childhood friends, but circumstances are beyond their control to tear them apart. They promise to stay in contact and although the progression of time widens the distance between them, the chain of memories remain ever present.

“Reality is brimming over the beautiful things, scintillating feelings. How many of them have I been missing?”

2. Orange

During the spring of her second year in high school, Naho receives a letter. It’s sender is herself from ten years in the future. Naho thinks it’s a prank, but when things written in the letter start to come true one by one, she realizes that the letter is telling her events that will happen in her future. It tells that she will fall in love with her highschool mate Kakeru and that he’ll die in the winter of his seventeenth year.

“Maybe it’s impossible to live life without any regrets even when you know the future….you’ll still mess up”

1. Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda is a sixteen year old orphan girl who gets invited to live in the house of her classmate, a very handsome boy Sohma Yuki and his cousins. However these young men and both distant and close parts of their family, holds a curse; if they are hugged by the opposite gender, they will transform into animals of their chinese zodiacs.

“What’ll you do if she does exist? A girl who says she loves you.”


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