Ankush Bahuguna, the famous content creator from Delhi, Here’s all you need to know about the 27 year old YouTuber!

Ankush Bahuguna

Who is Ankush Bahuguna?

Ankush Bahuguna is a common Social Media Influencer and Entertainer from Delhi, India. He was born on February 22, 1993. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He also hosts Outkast, where he is easily approached about mental health, social exaggeration and many more burning issues. He amassed enormous reputation after he began importing this movies on his Instagram deal with which is liked my hundreds of thousands of individuals. Ankush is an Actor, Creator and Director for the channels like MensXP and Stressed Thoughts the place he was seen in small humorous quick movies. Ankush retains making quick movies together with his mom.

Ankush Bahuguna’s Early Life and Career

Ankush hails from New Delhi, India, graduated as an Architect from Sushant School of Art and Architecture. Ankush always has been a socially awkward kid and an introvert since his childhood. He gained confidence after he decided to become a digital entertainer after completing his graduation. He’s an Actor, Creator and Director for the channels like MensXP and Stressed Thoughts the place he was seen in small humorous quick movies. Bahuguna got here into limelight after he began importing this movies on his Instagram deal with which is liked my hundreds of thousands of individuals. He was additionally seen with Dolly Singh in lots of movies.

How did Ankush Bahuguna get famous?

Here are some questions that Ankush answered in an interview which will let you know about all his growth and how he got that fame.

Ankush entered the 5-degree course but in mid realize architecture was something not for him. When asked in an interview, ‘Why you pursued architecture?’, He said,

“I was always a shy and reserved boy in the school. I opted for an architecture degree because I didn’t wish to follow the same basic path of engineering and did not want to do what other people were doing. Thus the architect was the only option, as a science student, I was left with.”

Further he was asked, ‘How writing happened after Architecture?’

“During college, I wrote a book for a competition and won the first prize. That’s when it struck me that I can take writing as a full-time career. I just google “best digital magazine in India” and it showed MensXP on the first link. I thought of giving an interview over there and I don’t know how it happened but I was selected as a writing intern over there. And it’s been 5 year I am working with MensXp now as a writer and an actor.”

Furthermore, ‘How was your Journey at MensXP? How from a Writer you became an actor?’

“I started with lot of those gif stories, “10 things you should do”  and a lot of those articles. A lot of them got viral and I was known as a writer. Then I became the entertainment editor at MensXP. When I started writing comedies sketches, stories, documentary, my boss told me that I should start acting as well in those videos.”

‘How one can join media houses like Scoopwhoop, MensXp, and Timeliners?’

“There is no formula for it. You have to carve your own way. There are so many platforms out there, now it is very easy to open your own youtube channel. Malika Dua started like that. I will say tough tricky that’s the beauty of it. If you just wanna be an actor, nobody’s gonna give you a job. I act because I write as well. Sometimes I direct, help with the production too. So be ready to work in a multi-faceted environment.”

‘How is life at Timeliners, Tvf, Scoopwhoop,Mensxp?’

“Ankush Bahuguna: From outside it seems very chill and cool. You got to meet celebrities, you travel a lot and have a lot of fun, but there is a lot more than that. What people can’t see is the effort that one puts in. A lot of times we are working throughout the nights. Many times I am banging my head because I cannot get an idea. The job is fun but it’s very hard work that is involved.”

Ankush Bahuguna strictly believes that it’s important to value where you have reached and what you have. At every point in life, you will meet people in life who will make you realize that you have not done enough and this will discourage you a lot but as long as we wake up every day and go to work, it’s all god, it doesn’t matter how popular you are or how much you are making. Keep thriving, keep moving but don’t compare yourself with others.

Family and Relationship

Ankush’s family includes his mother and his father. He hasn’t revealed something a lot about them. He is a single child. He has not revealed much about his personal life but as per sources, he has no past relationship history and is currently single.

Ankush Bahuguna (Content-Creator) Bio, Age, Girlfriend | TTM - Tik Tok  Magazine
Ankush Bahuguna with his mother
Ankush Bahuguna bio, age, Youtube, makeup…
Ankush Bahuguna’s family picture (His parents and his pet dog)

Ankush Bahuguna’s YouTube Channel

Ankush Bahuguna has a YouTube channel with 96.1K subscribers. His bio on the channel says,

“Funny videos, make up videos, vlogs, Garhwali videos, new characters, opinions and a lot more by Ankush Bahuguna! Please subscribe!”

Check out some of the videos from his YouTube channel:

Ankush Bahuguna’s Makeup Videos

Usually, makeup products like lipsticks, concealers, and eye shadows are associated with women. However, a lot of people (irrespective of gender) have been sporting makeup to normalize its use. Actor Ankush Bahuguna has been breaking stereotypes and sharing makeup videos on Instagram.

Twitter Reactions

When Ankush posted his look on Twitter, Some Twitter users appreciated his post, complimented his look, and asked him to share a tutorial on applying eyeliner perfectly. A few women remarked that they couldn’t apply eyeliner as well as he did.

Check out the tweets:

The debate on whether Indian men wearing makeup smashes toxic masculinity or not is still ongoing but you can’t deny that his eyeliner game is strong. Not everyone can apply it equally to both eyes.

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