Another Series of Indian Instagram-Influencers Who Saved Our 2020: Follow Them NOW

Another Series of Indian Instagram-Influencers Who Saved Our 2020: Follow NOW

The pandemic gave space to many Instagram users to distract themselves and create a safe space for themselves to show their talents or just to put their thoughts out there. Many took to creating funny, informative, and aesthetically pleasing content and even gained popularity because of it. We saw many new faces and others who climbed the ladder higher. So, we decided to list down some of the influencers who create top-notch content in 2020.

Discover some other Top Ranked Instagram Influencers into Comedy, Cooking, and Music for an Indian audience, as we did in our Part1: TOP 10 New Indian Instagram-Influencers Into Comedy 2020 LOCKDOWN Edition. We’ve profiled some current top influencers from 2020 and continues to entertain us in 2021. These influencers need our love for what they are doing for us, so we as a The Silly TV team have pledged to support these influencers and to make them nationally and globally famous for their work and will continue to do so. 


Time to show them some love: Here’s our list


DIVIJA BHASIN- @awkwardgoat3
Divija is a 24-year-old licensed psychologist who took to creating content on mental health and the stigmas surrounding it. She initially started making Tiktoks but shifted to Instagram Reels when the former got banned. Divija makes mental health, which is still a taboo in our society, easy to understand and relatable through her videos. Her videos are usually about debunking popular psychology ‘facts’, tips on how to handle a mental condition, and discuss the stigma around seeking professional help but she also makes videos on other funny situations too.

PRANAV ARORA (aka Lucha Yaar)- @pranavcooking
Pranav Arora, aka Lucha Yaar on Instagram, is popular for his cooking tutorials with a comedic tadka. A student of catering and hospitality, Pranav initially started creating content for his friends and family not expecting it to go viral. Now, he has 57k followers who enjoy his content. We love his ‘tooshan’ videos, in which he makes popular dishes with his funny commentary.

NAYSHA SATYARTHI- @artsysushiroll
Naysha is a 16-year-old artist on Instagram who boasts of 87.3k followers on the platform and rightfully so. She posts videos, reels, and pictures of her beautiful paintings and other artsy things she makes which give her account a very aesthetic and soothing look. After gaining 10k followers in a short span of starting her account, Naysha expanded to other areas like content creation and fashion. She also owns a business that sells graphic tees, jewelry, and totes.

SHIVESH BHATIA- @shivesh17
You might have seen this 23-year-old baking prodigy on YouTube when you search for recipes or on your Instagram explore page. With a degree in political science, Shivesh has created quite a storm on basically every platform with his easy baking recipes, aesthetically pleasing shots of his food, and two cookbooks. His warm, chatty personality and his exceptional skills give his tutorials a very easy and wholesome vibe.

DOLLY SINGH- @dollysingh
One of the most popular influencers on Instagram, this content creator started her career by writing her blog Spill the Sass, which focused on affordable fashion advice, and then worked with iDiva for many fun videos and recently starred in the Netflix series Bhaag Beanie Bhaag. She makes funny skits on what is trending or on the recent events in the country.

KAREEMA BARRY– @kareemabarry
Kareema is one of the rising stars on the social media platform, her videos and reels shot up during the pandemic and providing comic relief in these tough times. She not only makes videos on everyday situations but also satirizes societal issues in an overdramatic yet simplified way that would crack anyone up.

SHREYAS MENDIRATTA- @shreyasmendiratta

Shreyas is another rising influencer on the platform. He makes skits on day to day and trending issues. He also covers songs and sings mashups of popular songs on his Instagram handle. He is a theatre student who is also juggling theatre, art, and content creation like a pro. The main motivation behind creating content for him is to provide entertainment and topics he wants to address in a fun manner.


SATSHYA- @satshyaa

Mangalore-based influencer, Satshya started cooking food herself as a part of a diet and took her Instagram followers on the journey. The quick and easy recipes that she posted on Instagram or on her online blog quickly gained her many followers. The influencer who calls herself a serial hair dyer frequently posts reels on easy hacks to learn Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada for nonspeakers.


PRAPTI B. ELIZABETH- @prapti.elizabeth

This famous content creator and Instagram influencer has worked with ScoopWhoop, Blue page, and Wadi and started creating content for herself later on. You might’ve seen her as a Malayali mother in some of her videos. She makes posts videos on her Instagram about things that don’t get attention from mainstream media like the EIA draft 2020 with simple humor and sarcasm.

VIEPSA- @viepsa

Viepsa has been creating quite a stir in the music scene since her debut single ‘Careless Creature’ and has been doing the same on Instagram. Viepsa creates reels covering her favorite songs in her calming and soulful voice, sometimes with a twist. She just released another single ‘Jashne-E-Bahara’ which is a cover of a song by the same name by Javed Ali.

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