Anuv Jain Singer: Know everything about this talented singer with a magical voice and why he’s being compared to Prateek Kuhad

Anuv Jain Singer: Know everything about this talented singer with a magical voice and why he's being compared to Prateek Kuhad

Meet Anuv Jain from Ludhiana, whose songs will melt your heart: Ditching the tried and tested music video style where you see the singer act out his song, this artist goes for a lyric video with a cute caricature. Putting his foot into the music industry Anuv Jain is introducing us to a new type of Punjabi music, bringing much softer and deeper music to his audience. With thoughtful lyrics and mellow music, Anuv Jain will win over your heart. Hailing from Ludhiana, Anuv has always been interested in singing but it was a college band who inspired him to take his music seriously.

Anuv Jain at his best

Anuv Jain is an Indian singer, music composer, and songwriter. He was born on 11 March 1995 in the Ludhiana city of Punjab. He belongs to a Punjabi family. The 25-year-old was brought up in Ludhiana and pursued his BBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai. In 2012, he opened his YouTube channel with an aim to make pure music, he was in class 11 at that time. After he uploaded his first song “Meri baaton mein tu” in 2012.

Check it out:

Anuv Jain as the Young Prateek Kuhaad

Prateek Kuhad is a sensational yet unique Indian singer-songwriter and a musician who makes music independently, in both Hindi & English. He is best known for his Neo-folk genre and one of his track ‘cold/mess’, which was also included in former USA president Barack Obama’s Favourite Music of 2019 list was his best and successful song for him. And for many who loves Prateek Kuhad and his songs and actually compared the young version of him with Anuv Jain.

Rising Indian artist, Anuv Jain is set to become a big-time sensation and a major medium to popularize indie culture in India. Born in Ludhiana, Punjab, Anuv, decided to take his passion for music to the next level in 2020 in the lockdown phase. Just like the indie sensation Prateek Kuhad, Anuv’s music too is often dominated by acoustic or clean electric guitars.

Anuv Jain’s heart-warming songs

His hit single, “Baarishein” has garnered much praise and 67,53,156 lakh streams and he boasts around 4 Lakh monthly listeners on Spotify. People are crazy for his song “Baarishein” due the perfection he has shown in the song. Deep lyrics with a beautiful voice and mellow tune. Here the video:

“Alag Aaasman”, released on 31st July 2020, a bittersweet love song about relationships, too has been well received and the song has almost hit the five lakh mark on YouTube, within two weeks of its release.

“It’s about being away from the person you really care about and love spending time with. And you don’t really realize their worth, till you are with them, and only when they are, metaphorically speaking, under ‘a different sky’. It was something, that I was going through last year, and I thought about it while coming back home from Mumbai,” Anuv said in an interview.

The song is played on a ukulele, which as Anuv says, was more of audience demand. “ My last song on the ukulele was in 2018, Ocean – an English song. A lot of people on social media did keep asking me, to do another song on a ukulele, and since this song, despite all that pain, has a happy vibe, the ukulele made sense, he said.

Here’s the video:

Here are some more beautiful songs by Anuv Jain:

1. Riha

‘Riha’ by Anuv Jain was his third studio-recorded single, written, sung, and composed by the singer himself.

2. OCEAN by Anuv Jain (a song on the ukulele)

‘Ocean’ by Anuv Jain was his second studio-recorded single, written, sung, and composed by the singer himself.

3. Mishri by Anuv Jain

‘Mishri’ by Anuv Jain was his second studio-recorded single, written, sung, and composed by the singer himself.

Anuv Jain has a heartfelt message for his twin sister in his track “Maula”

Anuv Jain’s track called Maula, which he had penned when he was 17 years old has a heartfelt message in it for his sister. The vocals beautifully articulate his twin sister’s feelings when their father passed away a few years ago. It meticulously showcases emotions of hope, sadness, love, and heartbreak. Maula describes the feeling of missing someone, not having them in your life anymore, and waiting for them to come back.

“When we lose someone very close to us, the world moves on but we still continue to live with the person in our hearts. These memories might even give us greater comfort than anyone else’s actual physical presence and make us consider giving up anything to get them for a few more moments. I have tried to translate this exact feeling into words, to make the listener ponder over the helplessness of an individual who faces such a tragedy. This song is really close to my heart as it is associated with my father. It expresses longing in the loveliest of way,” says Anuv Jain

Maula is Anuv’s fourth song following the earlier tracks like Baarishein, Ocean, and Riha.

Have a look at the video of “Maula”:

Anuv Jain: An artist cannot be scared of sharing emotions

Indie musician Anuv Jain talks about creating music that is relatable on an emotional level, and explains why he decided to leave his family business and become a full-time musician.
Although he started releasing music a few years back, it wasn’t up until the Lockdown, the Ludhiana-born Anuv Jain had decided to become a “full-time” singer-songwriter. “Three months back I think, I took this call of creating music for a living. I mean I charted out the entire sort of future for me if I get into this. But I realize, this is what I love the most and that’s why I decided to become a proper singer-songwriter,” says Anuv.
His social media following has played a very important role in his choosing music as a career. “For someone who just started putting up videos, just on their guitar, without any major label backing, its nice to see how people have liked my music, and more people are listening to it. It’s a really encouraging thing for me to see that people like my music and want more of it ,” says the 25-year-old.


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“Music has to be very personal. Isn’t it?” he asks. “ I mean if an artist, is not able to draw from their own experience, then I don’t think there’s a point of creating art in the first place. All of my songs have been drawn from incidents that I have witnessed, and how I felt in those moments. An artist can’t be scared of sharing those emotions,” says Anuv, who became an even more popular name, at the start of the Lockdown with his single, Maula, which was a dedication to his father, who passed away.

“ It wasn’t easy, of course. But it was a pain, I wanted to share with the people, and as a family, we were really strong around that time. I wanted to share all that, and it was just really beautiful to see how so many people loved it,” he says.

Do you also love Anuv Jain’s beautiful voice?

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