#ApologizeToBTOB Dominates Twitter Charts As A Moment from BTOB’s Performance From MNET’s Survival Show ‘Kingdom’ Resurfaces

apologize to btob trends on social media

After a very smooth ending to Mnet’s Survival show Kingdom: The legendary war , some troublesome issue came up to the notice of some netizens. Stray Kids took the crown at the show among 6 participants after giving stunning performances every time. The show came to an end on June 3, 2021 and Stray Kids’ last performance ‘Wolfgang’ dominated a lot of itunes charts all over the world. Other participating groups were SF9, BTOB, ATeez, iKon and The Boyz. To crown the winner, the votes were counted in real time and Stray Kids won with a total of 38,873,040 points.

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Watch Stray Kids’ Last Performance on Kingdom:

#ApologizeToBtob: What actually happened?

BTOB performed “Blue Moon” with G-IDLE’s Miyeon on Kingdom. Apparently some of the G-IDLE fans assumed that BTOB did not tell Miyeon that Peniel from the group would hold her hand at the end. The trouble started after the performances when G-IDLE fans accused BTOB of sexual harassment involving Miyeon. BTOB had a livestream where the group talked about the adlibs at the end of their performance. Holding Miyeon’s hand and leaving the stage was in the original script. BTOB apologized to her for not being able to notify the changes in the performance related to the adlibs but also praised her for the quick response she gave to the adlibs.

After this several hashtags like BTOBdisband were trending on Twitter. Following the false accusations, BTOB fans started demanding apologies from the ones who disrespected the boys and the hashtag #ApologizeToBtob started to dominate the charts. After realizing that wrong accusations bring a lot of disrespect towards the accused, G-IDLE fans have now started to apologize to BTOB.

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Check out BTOB’s Performance with Miyeon

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