April members Naeun, Chaewon, Yena, and Jinsol under fire as Netizens claim the girls lied in their latest interview

april members under fire for lying

Bullying scandals and controversies in the K-pop-K-Drama community have been very frequent since the start of this year. Recently the k-pop girl group April‘s members Naeun, Chaewon, Yena, and Jinsol appeared for an interview to give their statement about the bullying controversy that involved Hyungjoo, the fifth member of April. Shortly after the interview was made public, Netizens have been pouring comments about how the girls lied in the said interview.

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Are April’s Members Lying?

Sports Kyunghyang News interviewed the four members from April and released the interview on June 22, KST. The girls, in the interview, revealed that all of them were receiving therapy because of how they suffered from intense psychological pain. The four members Naeun, Chaewon, Yena, and Jinsol, claimed that they were the victims of the bullying inflicted upon them by Hyungjoo, clearly stating that she was the bully. “We were all scared of Hyunjoo. How can we pick on a person like that nevertheless bully her and ostracise her? Doesn’t make sense.” Said the four members.

The four girls that they actually helped and comforted Hyungjoo when she was facing troubles with adjusting to the dorm life. “We tried to comfort Hyunjoo who had a hard time adjusting to the dorm life and there’s even a video we did a birthday party for her. We didn’t record that for broadcast but it was a real surprise birthday party. Hyunjoo was really happy back then. If the bullying rumors were true, those videos wouldn’t exist.”

However, as soon as this interview was released, one netizen created a post called “April lied again, LOL” on a very popular community platform. The netizen continued to explain with “Hyunjoo claimed she was bullied since she was a trainee but the members refuted her claims saying that they were close enough to take sticker photos together.”

After this post blew up, netizens have started to speculate the the four members are lying about how Hyungjoo being a bully. Some of their comments are:

how can they share that sticker photo as being from when they were trainees when it’s obvious they were not,” 

“Wow if they are going to say something, they should make the effort to match the timeline at least or be consistent in what they claim…” 

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