‘I will slap Rakhi and walk out’- Rubina Dilaik loses her calm after Rakhi Sawant calls Abhinav Shukla ‘tharki’

Rubina loses her temper

Rakhi admits that her love for Abhinav was “Fake”

The episode of Bigg Boss 14 saw Rakhi Sawant talking to Devoleena Bhattacharjee in the bathroom area. She was speaking about how she had the audacity to tell everyone that Abhinav Shukla was merely a source to produce entertainment for the show. Rakhi also says that he had an incident with Kavita Kaushik, and she clearly informed him that it was a publicity gimmick, but he still said, “I like you.”

Rakhi Sawant continued her rant and said Abhinav Shukla is a “tharki” (characterless) and he happened to overhear this and confronted Rakhi. He asked Rakhi Sawant if she called him “tharki” and he blew out in anger. Abhinav told her, “Yehi teri gandagi hai Rakhi, tu gandh hai.” He also called her a “vaahiyaat aurat” and accused her of sitting in corners and spreading filth everywhere.

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Rubina threw a bucket of soap-water on Rakhi

Rubina Dilaik intervened and got angry when Rakhi said, “Is aurat ka pati tharki hai.” Out of anger, Rubina threw a bucket of soap-water on Rakhi Sawant. Rubina screamed, “How dare she say this and malign his (Abhinav’s) image.

For throwing water on Rakhi, Rubina got punished by Bigg Boss, here’s the tweet:

Rubina said that it’s the people behind the cameras who are encouraging Rakhi by not taking any action against her “cheap entertainment.” The actress further added that Rakhi has no respect of her own, at least she shouldn’t tarnish someone else’s reputation.

Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla and Nikki Tamboli were seated in the garden area where the former was shivering in anger. Rubina said that it was her mistake to forgive her and oversee her antics.

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She breaks down and says, “I care about his respect and I will slap her and walk out.” Aly made her understand that it was wrong of Rubina to throw the bucket of water on Rakhi. To which, the actress said, it was the only way to shut her down, and she doesn’t regret doing it. She added that Rakhi deserved even worse than this. She also goes on to add that she has never seen Abhinav crying but Rakhi hurt him so badly that it got tears in his eyes.

Abhinav Shukla asks Rubina Dilaik to calm down. He tells her, “If you don’t calm down, then what will I do?” Abhinav Shukla said that he wouldn’t ever see a woman like Rakhi Sawant, who has nothing but filth filled in her mind.

Twitter Reactions

Ex Bigg Boss Contestants Manu Punjabi and Kamya Punjabi tweeted:

BB14 contestant, Pavitra Punia who got evicted from the show also tweeted:

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Twitter users tweeted that why only Rubina got punished for throwing water while others did not get any punishment when they did the same thing, and accused the makers to be biased. Check it out:

Fans are with Rubina, check out the tweets:

Whom do you support in this, Rubina or Rakhi?


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