BB14: Abhinav Shukla’s surprise Valentine’s Day visit, asks wife Rubina Dilaik ‘Shaadi karni hai dobara?’

Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik

Abhinav Shukla, who recently got evicted from Bigg Boss 14 entered the house for a romantic Valentine’s Day date: Wife Rubina Dilaik was overwhelmed and happy to see him once again. Though, they were separated by the glass window, it’s the little moments they get to spend together is all that matters. Bigg Boss arranged a special date for Rubina and Abhinav. While Rubina couldn’t control her happy tears, Abhinav says that he is ‘super proud,’

Abhinav got evicted last week by the supporters’ votes.
Rubina shared that her relationship has definitely grown stronger than ever. When a few Radio Jockeys entered the house and questioned Rubina about her relationship with Abhinav, the actress went on to admit that things have got better between them. Rubina said, “Soulmates are not two people who shower love on each other but are people who make each other better individuals. We are strong individuals who at every point enhance each other. Abhinav is like the winds beneath my wings.”
This episode was definitely a special one as audiences got to see their favorite couple #RubiNav on-screen once again.

Abhinav Shukla takes the blame for turbulence in marriage in front of Rubina Dilaik, promises to work on his flaws

The couple enjoyed their romantic date and shared some adorable talks and moments. Later, when Rubina asked Abhinav about how he feels to be outside and how everything is, he told her that everything is perfect, how it should be. The latter then reminded the former of an incident from the past and told her that he has realized that it is because of him that they went through a rough patch in their marriage.

Abhinav shared that he has come to realize that his habit of prioritizing logic and putting empathy later had led to differences between them and said that he has understood this and is trying to work on it. Taking all the blame on himself he said, “I need to be a good listener.” Meanwhile, Rubina who kept listening to him quietly smiled at him and said, “I can’t believe jo hum 7-8 mahine pehle the aur jo ab hum hain.”

Further, Abhinav proposed a second marriage to Rubina, who happily agreed and said that she would like to have a white wedding this time. The duo talked about how they are going to complete seven years of togetherness and later exchanged their wedding vows during their date inside the Bigg Boss 14 house.


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