Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan made Shocking Statement on Rakhi Sawant, ‘I am not like her’

BB14: Arshi Khan made Shocking Statement on Rakhi Sawant, 'I am not like her'

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, Arshi Khan makes some shocking statements about Rakhi Sawant being an entertainer: Rahul Vaidya and Vikas Gupta were in the middle of an argument, where Arshi comes and meddles. Rahul was saying that he can’t decide at the moment when a task starts and takes time to figure out a strategy. Vikas agrees to say that he is indeed a bit slow in realizing.

Arshi tells Vikas, ‘Tu leader mat ban’. Vikas and Rahul talk about getting into a fight with others and the former gives an example that Arshi and he get into a fight because she creates a rift.
This discussion turns into a heated argument when Vikas tells Rahul to stop the fight until he finishes dinner. Arshi again comes and advises Rahul not to tell Vikas anything else he might throw food. Vikas loses his cool and tells her not to act like Rakhi and steal her limelight.

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Arshi does not want to be an entertainer of Rakhi’s level?

Vikas says, “You wanted to become like Rakhi since childhood and now that you are with her in the same season, you have gone crazy. You would run after her entourage.”

Arshi says, “You are looking cheap.”

Rahul asks if Vikas’s statement is true. Arshi denies and Vikas calls her a liar. Arshi elaborates, “See in our film industry, alag alag darjo ke adaakara hote hai. But jo unka darja hai, wo mujhe nahi banna hai.  There are other artists, who I admire. And Rakhi is not one of them.”

Rahul tells Arshi to ignore if anyone tells her that she is trying to be like Rakhi or just accept it graciously else people will think that there’s truth to Vikas’ statement.

What do you think Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant as an entertainer?

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