BIGG BOSS14: Devoleena and Arshi’s argument turned into a massive fight

BB14: Devoleena and Arshi's argument turned into a massive fight

The episode of Bigg Boss 14 started with a huge fight between Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Arshi Khan. Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya, who has turned against Arshi planned to mock her purposely and started praising Rakhi Sawant, they stated that Rakhi will definitely make it to the Top 3. This irked Arshi and she went inside and told Rakhi that Aly and Rahul feel Rakhi will get eliminated this week.

Devoleena, who also present inside the kitchen area walked out and asked both Rahul and Aly if they made a statement like this. Both denied this and instead told Devoleena this is how Arshi creates misunderstanding between the housemates.

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Arshi Khan did not appreciate Devoleena siding Aly and Rahul and she questioned Devoleena about the same. Arshi was unaware that this was discussed between them and she thought that Devoleena was indirectly telling her she will get nominated too. Soon, a huge fight took place between them and Devoleena got out of control.

Devoleena loses her calm with Arshi

Arshi Khan told Devoleena Bhattacharjee to not backbite and have the guts to speak in front of her. Arshi also warned her to not speak half-truth. The television actress couldn’t take it and object to the tone in which Arshi spoke to her. Devoleena told her that she is fake, and warned her to not do to this stupidity.

Devoleena promised that she’ll never talk to Arshi Khan in this house, and gave cuss words. Aly Goni tried to calm her down but all his efforts went in vain. Rahul Vaidya intervened and the situation got out of hand. Soon, Arshi got into a fight with him and asked if he is the ‘shehenshah’ to do so.

Devoleena started crying and even abused Arshi. Rahul explained that she shouldn’t abuse. Arshi told each other, “Kaan ke neeche bajaake jaungi.” To which, Devoleena said, “Do kaan ke neeche bajaake jaungi, badtameez aurat.”

Devoleena mocked Arshi using her “middle finger”

Devoleena went inside and again taunted Arshi while the latter was explaining everything to Rubina. While exiting, Devoleena showed her middle finger to Arshi and left. Arshi was shocked and even told Bigg Boss to see Devoleena’s actions.

Later, Rahul Vaidya also had a huge argument with Arshi Khan, where he called her “negative.” And, Aly joined in by telling Rahul Vaidya that he gets his tea soon or else his tea will also get negative.

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