Bigg Boss 14 Eviction: Devoleena Bhattacharjee gets evicted, Have a look at her journey in the Bigg Boss house!

BB14: Devoleena Bhattacharjee gets evicted, Have a look at her journey in the Bigg Boss house!

Devoleena Bhattacharjee eliminated: After Abhinav Shukla’s exit from Bigg Boss 14, it is Devoleena Bhattacharjee who has been evicted. The actress had entered the house as Eijaz Khan’s proxy as he had prior work commitments.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee called her supporter Paras Chhabra “Girgit”

Right after her exit, Devoleena took to her Twitter handle to lash out at Paras Chhabra who had entered the house as her supporter. She called him a ‘Girgit’ (chameleon).

She tweeted, “One should actually understand the meaning of #supporter. Supporter ke naam pe bhi kalaa daag ban gaya #girgit. Support karna nahi tha toh anna hi nahi cahiye tha. Gandi gandi harkatein karega toh tareefein thodi batorega.. #BB14.”

This came after Paras said on the show, “Mai karunga isko support? Tweet marti thi mere liye.” In fact, Jasmin told him that Devoleena did the same with her but later deleted those tweets. This led Devoleena to quash her claims, too.

Quoting her earlier tweet against Jasmin as proof of not deleting it, she tweeted, “Whoever stalks my tweets, I would really like to address them that I never delete my tweets or messages. I have an opinion and it wud be there always..All my previous tweets are there. Anyone wud like to scroll down can happily do so. Rest Assured.”

Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s journey in BB14

Entering as Eijaz Khan’s proxy to revealing her true side to the audience with her game, The actress has had a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs in the Bigg Boss house.
Devoleena, who religiously followed the show and remained in the limelight with her analysis of it, grabbed the public’s eye during her stint too. She got evicted last night (February 14), bringing an end to Eijaz Khan’s journey. From her aggression, hatred to her friendships and support, here’s a look at her short-lived yet extensive journey in the show.

Taking Eijaz Khan’s place in the house
Devoleena’s entry as Eijaz Khan’s proxy came as a surprise not only for the rest of the contestants but for the audience too. Though she tried her level best to keep herself in place of Eijaz, she was always in a state of confusion about her game. The actress struggled between portraying herself as Eijaz or herself. More so, replacing Eijaz got everyone including host Salman Khan at times pulling her leg and addressing her Eijaz instead of Devoleena.

But what came out as a shocking incident was that Devoleena got Eijaz nominated till the end of the show because of her inappropriate behaviour in the house, even though she went in to represent him while he was away.

Losing her calm and having a meltdown
The Saath Nibhana Saathiya actress experienced instances of some serious meltdowns in the house. From revealing things from her personal and family life to getting triggered and losing her cool when Arshi said that she might lose a close one, Devoleena experienced some major emotional breakdown in the house.

Her unhidden aggression
Devoleena had her share of massive fights and ugly spats with Nikki Tamboli and Arshi Khan and her aggressiveness didn’t remain hidden from the audience. Throwing things out of anger, hurling abuses, showing middle finger and more, her moments of rage didn’t go unnoticed by the audience. The recent one being when she stuffed food in Arshi’s mouth to a former one when she lost calm when Nikki mentioned her MeToo accusation on Sidharth Shukla in BB13.

Friends and foes in the house
Though Devoleena had a short-lived journey in Bigg Boss 14, she developed a few friendships as well as some rivalry in the house. The Bigg Boss 13 contestant shared a good bonding with Vikas Gupta whom she was friends with before the show. Apart from this Devoleena was seen hanging out and sharing some interesting bits with Rakhi Sawant too. Moreover, she rejoiced when Paras Chhabra entered the show as her connection.

But there were a few contestants she couldn’t bond with and the biggest of example is Nikki. Apart from Nikki, Devoleena was seen locking horns with Arshi with whom she was seen bonding quite well initially. Rubina Dilaik was yet another contestant with whom Devoleena could never get along throughout her stint.

Some secrets revealed

The actress popular for her character ‘Gopi bahu’ took her fans on an emotional ride when she revealed about the struggles of her family post her father’s demise. Revealing the hard times she had even stated that society mistreats and belittles you if you have no hand of a father.

Another disclosure of Devoleena came as a surprise to her fans. It was when she said it out on national television that she has a boyfriend outside.



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