Devoleena deserves ‘Chappal’- Deevoleena loses her temper to Arshi Khan and Damages Property Bigg Boss 14

BB14: Devoleena loses control, damages property and stuffs food in Arshi's mouth in rage, Check it out

The recent episode of Bigg Boss 14 started with Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Arshi Khan’s fight. They abused each other and used unparliamentary language at each other, where Devoleena told Arshi that she deserves “gaali” (abuses). To which, Arshi replied that Devoleena deserves “chappal” (slipper).

Devoleena claimed that Arshi cursed her family members to die. After three hours of the fight, Devoleena Bhattacharjee fumed with anger as none of the contestants reacted to Arshi’s comment, and asked Bigg Boss to call her inside the confession room. She lost her control and threw food everywhere, broke bowls, and also threw food from Arshi’s hand. The actress did not stop here, she went in the bathroom and realized Angel, her cat, who is unwell, is the closest to her, and started worrying about her health.

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Devoleena asked if anything happens to her Angel, who will she blame. Later, she came out and taunted Rubina Dilaik for supporting Arshi. Rubina stated that Devoleena is just performing as she’s nominated and after three hours what triggered her to do this, it is unnecessary.

Despite Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli, and Abhinav Shukla trying to calm her down, Devoleena refused to pay heed to anyone. Arshi Khan brought a paratha and showed to the camera how Devoleena has disrespected food. Fumed with more anger, the actress took the paratha, divided it into pieces, and stuffed it into Arshi’s mouth, which also left the latter hurt.

Devoleena accused Rubina of being ‘Self-obsessed’

Devoleena accused Rubina of supporting the wrongdoings and portraying herself as the symbol of truth. She also asked Rubina to get out of her sight and called her “self-obsessed.”


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Devoleena gets nominated by Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss called her inside the confession room and assured them that her Angel is doing perfectly fine. He reminded her that she couldn’t complete the previous season because of her back sprain, and it could reappear. Later, as punishment, Bigg Boss nominated her for all the remaining episodes for eviction. As Devoleena is in the game as Eijaz Khan’s proxy which means, he has been nominated for the next two weeks.

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