Bigg Boss 14: BB Ex-contestents on ‘Rubina and Abhinav as a couple have an advantage in the show’

Bigg Boss 14: BB Ex-contestents on 'Rubina and Abhinav as a couple have an advantage in the show'

That ‘Bigg Boss 14’ has become a talking point this season, too, is well-known. From budding romances to heated arguments, surprise evictions, and repeated entries and exits – this season has seen it all! One thing that has become a talking point of late are the discussions revolving around two of the strongest contestants this season

Do Rubina Dilaik & Abhinav Shukla have an advantage over other contestants in ‘Bigg Boss 14’?

 Or is it a disadvantage because it hampers their individual game? This is what ex-contestants have to say!

In a recent episode, when last year’s winner, Sidharth Shukla said, “Rubina and Abhinav have an unspoken advantage in the show,” he unwittingly started a fierce debate on social media. So, it was decided to ask some ex ‘Bigg Boss’ contestants to share their views on the subject.

Read what other Ex-Contestants have to say about this:

Kamya Panjabi (Bigg Boss 7)

Kamya Punjabi

“I had tweeted about this very thing since I feel this is an advantage for Rubina and Abhinav, and that it’s unfair to the contestants playing solo. I feel there are more advantages than disadvantages of living together in the BB house. With the kind of place that it is and the things that happen there, it is nice to have additional security and assurance of at least one person. You know that they will support you no matter what happens.

This support is a big thing in the house. I have been there and I know how difficult it is to trust anyone because you don’t know who may turn against you at any point in the game. One disadvantage that they have is when they fight with each other. They get conscious on national television and worry about how people will perceive it. I feel playing this game solo is easier than playing it with a person whom you have to consider at every point.”

Shefali Jariwala (Bigg Boss 13)

Shefali Jariwala

“Yes, coming as a couple on ‘Bigg Boss’ has its advantages. Plus, I think the audience enjoys watching a couple play together. They tend to enjoy a stronger fan base, which helps them move forward in the game. The show is about surviving in a crisis without being able to trust anybody, so to have one constant support is a big thing. The circumstances in the house can either make or break a relationship, so that is a disadvantage.

They may have an advantage on the show, but if their relationship is not handled well in the house, it can be disastrous for them after the show ends and they come back to reality. However, as of now, Abhinav and Rubina are doing fine. Their foundation seems strong, which is wonderful to see.

Kashmera Shah (Bigg Boss 1)

Kashmera Shah

“This is what I had also said earlier because this is not a couples show. You have already given an advantage to someone because they will never nominate each other. Right from the beginning, other contestants are at a lesser advantage because of having a couple together in the same season.

If that’s the case, then six couples should be sent in together to make sure that it is a fair game. Rubina and Abhinav keep saying that they don’t have any advantage, I don’t know why they keep denying that! The main idea of the game is to nominate somebody and they will never nominate each other. I don’t think that ‘Bigg Boss’ as a show is unfair, but sending a couple inside doesn’t seem right.”

Vindu Dara Singh (Bigg Boss 3)

Vindu Dara Singh

“They definitely have an advantage – both husband and wife are there to support each other in the show. I feel if you can trust someone blindly there, it is a huge advantage. Season 14 is very different from other seasons because I remember in our season, there was a couple of Tannaz and Bakhtiyaar Irani, and towards the finale, we thought it was necessary to remove one partner from the house so that it would be equal for the rest of us.

Strangely, in this season, nobody cares much about it and they’re not even trying to break them! It looks like both will reach the finale and I feel both deserve to be there. They mentioned that they were thinking of going their separate ways before coming on the show, so to be a part of it and be in the public eye is a brave step from their end. There are pros and cons of them being together on the show, but I don’t think that will affect who the winner will be this season.”

Srishty Rode (Bigg Boss 12)

Srishty Rode

“Rubina and Abhinav have been saying repeatedly that it is not their mistake that they are on the show together. I think it was the makers’ decision as they approached the couple and thought it would add something to the show. I feel that everybody got enough chances to nominate both of them and they have got nominated in the past, but neither has got evicted.

So, I guess even the audience wants to see them together inside. I feel Abhinav has grown in the house and has got stronger day by day in the way he has been playing his game. I feel he deserves to be in the show now more than I did earlier.”

Manu Punjabi (Bigg Boss 10)

Manu Punjabi

I feel it’s both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. When a person’s husband or wife gets into a fight, and says things that they would ordinarily not say outside the house, it becomes a disadvantage. The couple has to remember that this is a game and that along with being partners, they are co-contestants, too.

Roopal Tyagi (Bigg Boss 9)

Roopal Tyagi

I agree with what Sidharth Shukla said. Rubina and Abhinav do have an unspoken advantage. If you are living in that house with someone’s constant support, and someone who cares about your mental and physical health, it is an advantage. If other contestants are living with 13 strangers, Rubina and Abhinav are living with 12 strangers. That helps! The only disadvantage, according to me, is that any turbulence in their marriage will be aired on national television. So, one needs to be mentally strong to face that. But in terms of a game, they definitely do have an advantage.


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