BB14: Does Rahul Vaidya has a Chauvinistic attitude?

Rahul and Rubina

Bigg Boss 14’s Rubina Dilaik: Rahul Vaidya has a chauvinistic attitude; says ‘men cannot take a strong woman.’ Bigg Boss 14 contestants Rubina Diliak and Rahul Vaidya have been at loggerheads since day 1. From playing each other in the tasks to fighting for survival in the house, the two have got into several heated arguments. Recently, in a press conference conducted in the house, Rubina stated that Rahul Vaidya has a chauvinistic attitude.

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Shefali Bagga says that there is no male or female in the house, everyone is a contestant and is equal. She tweeted:

In the promo, Rahul Vaidya has been questioned that why he always targets Rubina and mocks her. Reporters ask him that does he target Rubina intentionally so that he can be noticed in the show and reach the finale.

Rahul Vaidya thinks Rubina Dilaik is ‘Authoritative’

Rubina while answering to the media said, “He always says that he doesn’t understand the real reason behind our rivalry. I have understood the real reason. It is a psychological issue that one of the journalists shared a few minutes ago. Men cannot take a powerful woman. The vibe doesn’t match with him and there are many times when he has purposely picked on me. Sorry to use the word chauvinistic, but I have seen this in his attitude many times. This is the truth and for this attitude, you don’t have to have a problem with me. It will always be psychologically present in you.”

During the press interaction Rahul was asked why he always overlooks when Aly Goni dominates, bullies, and behaves arrogantly with people but on the other hand, picks fights with Rubina when she dominates someone. Initially, Rahul defended himself and refused to accept, but later after understanding the point, he said, “I don’t like Rubina that’s why I probably can’t take it but there is no man and woman thing in this.

Whenever Aly and Jasmin had issues when Aly would go on to explain to her he would get aggressive and I would always tell him that it doesn’t look as if you are genuinely trying to explain her, it looks more intimidating. Honestly, we are friends here but we are not playing for the trophy. I have tried to make him understand many times, but it is up to him if he wants to take my suggestions.”

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Shefali Bagga also tweeted:

Do you also love the funny bitter clashes between Rubina and Rahul?

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