BB14: Eijaz Khan expresses his love for Pavitra Punia, ‘How and When’ to his Fans on Twitter

BB14: Eijaz Khan expresses his love for Pavitra Punia, 'How and When' to his Fans on Twitter

Eijaz Khan blushes as he shares his favorite memory with Pavitra Punia inside the house: Eijaz Khan, who had to leave the house of Bigg Boss 14 due to his work commitments, held an #AskEijaz session for his fans on Twitter wherein he spoke candidly about how and when he realized his love for Pavitra Punia.

Talking about their relationship, he said that he realized he was in love with her so many times initially, especially during their fight for one of the sanchalak tasks. He shared that he looked at her and thought to himself, ‘Mujhe isse pyaar ho gaya hai’ and went ‘Eijaz, kya kar raha hai’. He added they went in the house and she took care of him and he thought, ‘This is it…ho gaya beta abhi khatam ho gaya.’

Eijaz blushed when he was asked, “How did you fall in love with Pavitra?”

The actor also blushed when he was asked about his best memory with Pavitra. He called it a trick question and referred to their glances at each other. He also mentioned her cooking and even their fights. He said that he can’t wait to make more memories with her.

Eijaz and Pavitra were also seen spending some good time with each other on a video call in the weekend episode

On the weekend episode of BB14 when the press conference was organized in the house and the reporters had to question Eijaz, a video call was made to him in which he was shown responding to the reporters and at the end of the video call Pavitra came from his behind and said ‘Hi’ to everyone, the housemates started hooting when they saw Pavitra with Eijaz.


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Pavitra + Eijaz = PaviJaz

Interestingly, one of Pavitra and Eijaz’s fan clubs asked, “Eijaz would you like to address your Pavijazians??? We all love you very much. Please speak some words. We are waiting !!!” To this Eijaz replied, “PaviJaz is literally close to my heart and Pavijazians even closer! When we were inside the house, we never thought people would love us together!”

In his exclusive chat with Etimes TV, Eijaz talked about his relationship with Pavitra and said, “Pavitra and I love each other a lot. There’s a lot of respect for each other. Now, whatever we want to do in the future we will do it when the right time comes. And for all those things, we first need to spend a lot of time together and have to convince families also.”

He also talked about how serious he is about the relationship. He had shared, “The relationship will progress naturally from here on. We won’t rush for anything. When I first went to her house, I met her brother. It was very necessary to meet and inform a member of her family that my intentions are noble.”


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