‘Tu Ku**tiya hai’ Rakhi Sawant abuses Nikki Tamboli, when asked to return her makeup products BiggBoss 14

Rakhi and Nikki

The recent episode of Bigg Boss 14 has only been filled with fights and abuses thrown at each other. Nikki Tamboli and Rakhi Sawant were seen at loggerheads where the 23-year-old told Rakhi that her parents have taught her to speak disrespectfully to others.

This irked Rakhi Sawant and she abused Nikki Tamboli by saying “ku***a” and used a lot of derogatory words and called her plastic. Nikki Tamboli said that she is full of plastic and she should be careful or else her nose will break. Rakhi went on to use some more disrespectful words and Nikki lost her cool. After which, she asked her to return the perfumes and makeup products that she lent her to use.

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Rakhi threw Rubina’s brand new palette and called it “cheap”

Rakhi, who was busy doing something in the kitchen area, said that she will give it when she is free. Rakhi also demanded that Nikki return her blush and highlighter, which she has been using since the past one month and has exhausted it. Nikki refused the allegation and said that she did not finish it.



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Rubina Dilaik, who is good friends with Nikki Tamboli, offered her brand new eyeshadow palette, and asked to return it to Rakhi Sawant. Nikki gave it to Rakhi and the latter judged her for the choice of colours, called it “cheap” and threw it on the floor.

Nikki Tamboli went and looked for her products in Rakhi Sawant’s box, and threw them in the dustbin. At night, Rakhi discreetly opened the dustbin and was looking for Nikki’s makeup products. She did not find it as Devoleena had packed the garbage and kept it in the store room.

Rahul Vaidya explained to Nikki Tamboli that she should have let go things. Aly Goni told Nikki, Arshi, Abhinav and Rubina that he, too, got manipulated by Rakhi’s antics and got angry at Nikki for five minutes, then he recalled that he witnessed everything in front of his eyes. Aly said if he can feel sorry for her then the audience surely will feel sorry for Rakhi Sawant.

Ex Bigg Boss contestant, Kamya Punjabi tweeted that one should not ask to return things once given.

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Rahul asks his girlfriend Disha to send makeup for Rakhi

Aly Goni asked Rakhi Sawant if she did not bring anything. To which, Rakhi said that her brother lives out of state, mother is in the hospital, who would have helped her with these things. Though, Rakhi had abused and spoken disrespectfully with Rahul Vaidya too in the same fight, yet the singer decided to offer her help and requested his girlfriend Disha Parmar to get eyelash glues for Rakhi.

She thanked Disha on the camera.


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