BB14: Rubina and Rakhi’s fight over lunch duty, Rakhi says,”Yeh jhagde karne ka bahana merese mat dhundo”

Rakhi and Rubina

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, The viewers witnessed a fight between Rubina Dilaik and Rakhi Sawant: In the promo, Rubina tells Rakhi that she had told her she would make lunch for everyone. But Rakhi replies that everyone was hungry. This makes Rubina angry as she feels it will make others think that she is not doing her job. Rakhi asks her not to find excuses to fight with her.


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The channel on which the show air captioned the teaser as, “Lunch ko lekar @rakhisawant2511 aur @rubinadilaik ke beech hui nok-jhok. Kya yeh hai ek nayi dushmani ki shuruwat?

Rubina and Abhinav not liking Rakhi’s behaviour lately, Will Rakhi turn against Abhinav and Rubina?

Of late, Rakhi’s liking and affection towards Abhinav have moved from being entertaining to annoying for  wife Rubina. In the previous episode, Rakhi wrote, ‘I love Abhinav’, all over her body using a red lipstick. It irked Rubina to the extent that she warned Abhinav about it and asked him not to encourage her.

Abhinav, too, didn’t take it sportingly this time, He told Rakhi, there is a difference between entertainment and madness, he told her that she is looking ‘Mad’ and nobody is enjoying it, to which Rakhi replied, ‘Everyone has a different opinion for entertainment, it is entertaining according to me so I will do it.’

Arshi also warned Rakhi that her antics would drive Abhinav away from her. But Rakhi seemed undeterred. She told Arshi that no one can separate her from Abhinav.

Previously, Rakhi had also asked Abhinav if he could be a donor after she revealed she has frozen her eggs.


Will Rakhi turn her table and get against #Rubinav?

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