BB14: Salman Khan calls Aly Goni ‘Rude’ for portraying Jasmin Bhasin in a bad light

BB14: Salman Khan calls Aly Goni 'Rude' for portraying Jasmin Bhasin in a bad light

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 14 saw host Salman Khan schooling both Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya. He tells Aly Goni that he has a genuine supporter inside the house in Jasmin Bhasin but he doesn’t listen to her. Salman repeats the words said by Aly, “Jasmin, tu contestant nahin hai, tujh mein kyun itni chul hai?”

Salman Khan makes Aly Goni realize that it’s nobody else but him, who is portraying Jasmin Bhasin in a bad light. In his reply, Aly said that the level has increased a lot, and he is losing it. To which, the host told him, “tum rude ho”. Salman Khan also added, Jasmin, is not worrying about her image and is trying to guide him.


Aly asked Jasmin not to interfere in any of the matters of the house in a “rude way” to which he was scolded by Salman Khan

In the recent episode, Aly Goni, Rahul Vaidya, and Rakhi Sawant had to either deposit or shred a part of the winning amount displayed on the indicator. Rakhi decided to shred Rs 14,00,000 whereas the boys differed from her viewpoint.

This led to a huge ruckus inside the house, and Jasmin Bhasin also intervened in it. Rakhi Sawant started yelling at everyone, and Aly got irked to see her speak ill against Jasmin. After which, he came inside where Jasmin was speaking to Vindu Dara Singh and got angry at her. He suggested she shouldn’t speak anything to anyone because then he loses his mind when somebody else badmouths her.

Salman Khan also schooled Rahul Vaidya for not letting Rakhi take a decision of her own and creating a huge scene during the ATM task. Rahul yelled at Rakhi in front of Salman, and the host asked him why he was screaming at her. The host told Rahul, “Is conversation se aisa lag raha hai ki aap jeet chuke ho show, aur aapke 14 lakh rupees Rakhi ke paas pade hai.” Rahul disagreed but Salman Khan said, this is the only point.

Jasmin Bhasin advises Aly Goni to play for himself, says, “Rubina initiated a friendship with you because she needed you”

Salman said that he is in denial of everything that Jasmin tells him even though she is advising him on the right things. He further told Aly to have clarity at such a crucial stage.

Later, Rahul Vaidya asked Jasmin to tell Aly about his game and give him a clear perspective. Jasmin indirectly talked about Rubina Dilaik and told Aly that he is a strong contestant and the only one whom Rubina could not control like she is controlling Nikki Tamboli making her a sidekick.

Jasmin added that she knows that you can only be controlled with love and she made a bond with you and you have a soft side for her. Giving it clarity, she said that Rubina knew that it would be difficult for her to survive if you went against her and so she needed you. Adding to it she said, “Unko zarurat thi isliye unne dosti ka haath badhaya.”

Further, talking about an incident she watched after her eviction, Jasmin told Aly that even Abhinav Shukla had questioned Rubina about her bond with Aly, but she had ignored the talk even then. “Even her husband could feel, but unko bhi chup kara diya,” she added.

After calmly listening to her, Aly asked what he is supposed to do when there is nothing negative coming towards him from Rubina. Jasmin questions Aly as to why he is justifying Rubina. She further advised him to play his own game, saying, “Play for yourself.”



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