Bigg Boss 14 this Week: ‘Housemates lose access to everything due to Nominations ‘ Know the Reason

BB14 this Week: 'Housemates loses access to everything due to Nominations ' Know the Reason

Monday Nominations: In the recent episode of the reality show Bigg Boss 14, In an interesting nomination task, the housemates lose access to the bedroom, washroom, spa, and gym with the nomination of Nikki, Vikas, Devoleena, and Rahul respectively for the coming week.

About the nomination task in Bigg Boss

The nomination process gets interesting as Bigg Boss announces that contestants will be assigned one area of the house by the majority of everyone. If the contestant gets nominated, then that area of the house gets banned for all. The task will put the contestants under a lot of pressure, forcing them to take extremely calculative steps.

However, while they can discuss which area will belong to whom, they can’t discuss nominations.
During the task, contestants take calculated steps to vote for the majority for the discussed areas. In the middle of the task, the discussion results in major fights but ultimately they come to a solution. Bigg Boss also congratulates them as they come to a complete in assigning the areas for all.


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Bedroom went with Nikki’s nomination in Bigg Boss 14

The nomination brings a shocking twist with Vikas Gupta, Rahul Vaidya, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, and Nikki Tamboli getting nominated. Housemates are in for a shock as they realize that they just lost the bedroom for a week.

Rahul blames Rubina for saying yes to Nikki getting a bedroom. Rahul tells her if she knew the task strategy, she could have avoided in voting for Nikki.

Arshi tops it by being punished for using the banned area which eventually caused a ban on all the washrooms

The gym, spa, and one bathroom shower access also get denied owing to the three other nominations. To top it all, Arshi gets punished for using the spa and as a result, her area gets sealed. The housemates are in for a double shock as Arshi was allotted another bathroom. With Arshi’s punishment, they lose access to all the bathrooms inside the house, and Bigg Boss tells them that only garden area washroom is available.

All the housemates scream at Arshi for her mistake, however, in her defense she says that she wasn’t aware of it. Arshi tells Aly that she thought that buzzer would go on and then Bigg Boss would lock the places.

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