BB14: Vikas Gupta’s Mother Bashed Arshi’s ‘Allegations’ and Appealed to Save him from Eviction

BB14: Vikas Gupta's Mother Bashed Arshi's 'Allegations' and Appealed to Save him from Eviction

Bigg Boss 14’s Vikas Gupta’s mother has shunned all the rumors about the unevenness between them with her latest move on social media. The TV producer and writers’ mother recently took to her Instagram account to make a vote appeal for him.
Vikas has got under the nomination’s radar and looks like his mother is back to support her son in the game. She made an Instagram post with a picture wherein both mother and son can be seen dearly hugging each other.

Vikas’ mother, Sharda Gupta wrote, “Good morning dear friends, Vote for Vikas! Save my son from eviction from bb house!”


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Previously, Vikas Gupta accuses his family of using him for his property, says they knew my sexual orientation would leave them as my heirs: The latest episode of Bigg Boss 14 witnessed a high-octane drama with a major war of accusations struck up between Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta. The fight started as both of them talked about the planning and plotting that people do against each other.

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Vikas says, “He has come to this season to clear his image and not win the show”

Mother trying to earn Vikas Back

It looks like this step was taken up by Vikas’ mother as a dismissal of all the allegations put forth against her son by Arshi Khan.

The popular television producer has been seen breaking down and revealing tits and bits about his broken ties with his mother and brother. Vikas claimed that his family broke ties with him after he opened up about his sexuality. He asserted that his family distanced themselves after he revealed his bisexuality on social media, as they were embarrassed by him.

Meanwhile, Sharda Gupta recently broke silence on the matters. She ended all the speculations on their relationship with a long statement on social media. Vikas’ mother talked about having differences with Vikas even before the revelation of his sexual orientation. Her caption reads, “Patience has its limits. If you don’t fight for what you want, Don’t cry for what you lost. Krishna (Bhagwat Gita)”

Vikas Gupta
Vikas and his mother in the Bigg Boss house

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