Bernie Sanders is a Meme Now: Bernie Sanders Reacts to ‘Meme Game’

Bernie Sanders is a Meme Now: Bernie Sanders Reacts to 'Meme Game'

Bernie Sanders, A 79-year-old US senator from Vermont sitting in a chair once again took over the internet (unintentionally, that too!), when another photo of him went viral as a meme. All Sanders did to once again become the center of memes was just wear some cute mittens, a practical winter coat, a mask, and look cozy during the U.S President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

From Lady Gaga’s amazing outfit to Michelle Obama’s being elegant in everything and from Harris Pearls to Jeniffer Lopez, it was the senator Bernie Sanders, to whom everyone loved the most or trolled by everyone.

Disinterested Expression: Reason for troll

On the day of the inauguration, on Wednesday, The Vermont senator has photographed with his legs and mittens crossed while sitting on a folding chair at the political event with a grumpy and disinterested expression. People on the Internet had their fun photoshopping him into various pictures and hilarious locations.

We saw celebrities and politicians sporting quite fashionable looks, from Michelle Obama looking beautiful in a burgundy monochromatic Sergio Hudson outfit, to newly inaugurated Harris wearing a stunning purple dress and jacket designed by Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson.

Sanders, however, took the spotlight in his simple olive jacket and mittens! This was the same jacket he was wearing in the viral ‘I am once again asking’ video.

Bernie Sanders reacts to his viral memes:

Sanders appeared on an episode of the show Late Night with Seth Meyers and said that he is aware of his memes that are all over the internet. He explained the picture to Meyers, saying, “I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on.” He also revealed that the mittens were made by a school teacher from Vermont.


Here are some of the best memes on the Internet made on Sanders:

Even Deepika Padukone tweeted a photoshopped meme of Bernie Sanders with her in the kitchen, and wrote ‘Caption this!’


Even Tom Felton posted a meme!


Last year in February, Sanders went viral for his ‘I am once again asking’, video and countless hilarious memes were made on it. A photo series of him giving a speech with different expressions is also a famous meme templet.

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