Bigg Boss 14 winner: Rubina Dilaik lifts the trophy and takes home prize money of Rs 36 lakh

Rubina Dilaik

Rubina wins Bigg Boss 14: After four and a half months of entertainment, fights and romance, reality show Bigg Boss 14  comes to an end. Rubina Dilaik, who was considered as one of the top contenders to lift the coveted trophy, finally emerged as the winner of season 14. The actress took home the Bigg Boss 14 trophy and prize money of Rs 36 lakhs.
Rubina’s husband and former contestant Abhinav Shukla was also present at the finale night. They were the last contestants to get finalised for the show.

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Rubina Dilaik’s journey in the show was commendable

Rubina, who entered the house with husband Abhinav Shukla, had a roller-coaster ride in the Bigg Boss 14. From becoming the rejected contestant at the launch to challenging Bigg Boss in the initial days, Rubina faced many challenges but never gave up.

If all this was not all, she had a disagreement with host Salman Khan over his ‘saaman’ remark which he made for Rubina’s husband Abhinav. The actress was so hurt with that comment that she expressed her disappointment with Bigg Boss and even threatened to leave the show. However, Abhinav made her understand the situation and she was convinced to stay.

Rubina’s journey began from being an outsider among contestants and had to earn to get confirmed so that she can stay inside the house. She performed the tasks well and even with her strategy won the ‘Ticket to Finale’. However, she could not be the first finalist as she was nominated for the entire season after she threw water on Rakhi Sawant. But, her fans and husband Abhinav had already declared her as the winner of the Bigg Boss 14.

Her personal life became a talk of the town after she confirmed that she and Abhinav were heading for a divorce and had given time to each other till November 2020. At the same time, Bigg Boss 14 was offered to her and it was important for the couple to be in the show together as they were going through a tough time.

She even revealed that 8 years back, she has temper issues and suicidal tendencies which sometimes come back to her. The couple even agreed that Bigg Boss 14 has helped them grow stronger and patience with each other. She even said that they now understand each other better and are in a better space in their marriage. Amidst all this, she found herself while her stay in the house.

Rubina Dilaik also shared her personal matters on screen with her fans

Rubina’s most challenging phase during her stay was when she disclosed secrets about her turbulent married life with Abhinav. She even revealed that they were on the verge of divorce. However, with time their bond became stronger and the two have now decided to opt for a white wedding after the show.

Rubina showed her fighting spirit in all the tasks and gave her best. The Shakti actress was quite vocal throughout her stay and never shied away from speaking her mind. She was criticised by fellow contestants and even the host sometimes for the same. While few accused her of having superiority complex, there were others like Nikki Tamboli, Sara Gurpal, Aly Goni praised her for spreading love.

Rubina Dilaik won the hearts of the audience

In no time she became a viewer’s favourite and people loved her for her strength. The actress did not let her spirit down even after she faced flak from host Salman Khan week after week. She stood on her grounds. Rubina not only accepted her flaws but also worked on them. She showed why she deserved to be a winner.

The finale night saw some grand performances from the ex-contestants and one amongst them was Rubina and Abhinav’s. They performed on a romantic number.

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