Afsana Khan loses her temper, From age shaming Shamita to passing a personal comment to Akasa and calling Tejasswi “Naukrani”, Here’s all you need to know about her behaviour on the show

Afsana Khan

Afsana Khan loses her calm and gets into a massive fight with other contestants: Audience was expecting Afsana Khan to be an entertaining and bubbly person in the house but it is not looking this way as she has been fighting with almost all the contestants on various reasons. After Pratik Sehajpal and Jay Bhanushali’s massive fights, Afsana Khan has not left any table behind and has had major fight with Shamita and arguments with other contestants including Akasa, Tejasswi and Vishal.

All the people in the house are fed up of her behaviour and they try to make her understand things but she keeps on flipping. A massive fight took place recently which got out of control.

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Afsana Khan’s massive fights in Bigg Boss 15 House

When a scroll came, Afsana ran towards it and she pushed Akasa, tearing up her shirt, When she shouted at Afsana and confronted her, the latter passed a personal comment to her saying, “Tera toh uss din bhi button khula tha, kya farak padta hai”, this statement offended Afsana and she lost her temper. When she confronted her again for the statement she passed, Afsana did not agree to what she said but apologised to Akasa.

During this, an argument broke out between Shamita and Afsana which kept on worsening as the two got into a war of words. Afsana called Shamita “Gandi Aurat” “Budhi” and said that she is equal to her slipper. Shamita called her a liar and a classless woman. The fight became more worse when all the housemates got involved in it as Afsana lost control on her tongue and started giving curses to her family and even Vishal. Shamita completely lost her temper and started screaming. All the housemates were trying to cool down both of them and were extremely disappointed with Afsana.

Later, Afsana Khan started hurting herself and lost her temper, saying that nobody is with her. A doctor was sent in the house for her checkup and Bigg Boss asked her to calm down. This was the most ugly fight in the house as it affected the mental peace of all the contestants.

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