“You are such a loser”, says Umar Riaz after all the Junglewasis get nominated after Pratik Sehajpal breaks the Bigg Boss house property, Read here to know more

Pratik Sehajpal

Pratik Sehajpal breaks Bigg Boss property, as a punishment all the Junglewasis get nominated: Bigg Boss 15’s premiere made the audience intrigued by its new and different jungle theme. Only three contestants including, Pratik, Nishant and Shamita had the advantage to live inside the house. All the other contestants have to survive in the jungle. Pratik Sehajpal had a massive fight with Jay Bhanushali in which he lost his temper and broke a glass inside the house.

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All the Junglewasis gets nominated because of Pratik Sehajpal

We have seen Pratik Sehajpal in Bigg Boss Ott previously and the viewers are totally aware about his nature and attitude on the reality show. In the Ott season, he used to poke Divya Agarwal and had various fights and arguments with her. Not only with Divya but he also had arguments with Shamita Shetty at the beginning. In Bigg Boss 15, again he is back with all his fights and war of words with almost all the contestants. On day one, he targeted Umar Riaz and then Jay Bhanushali.

In a fight when Pratik held Jay’s collar, the latter lost his cool and gave him a mother’s abuse after which Pratik lost his temper and started running in anger to attack Jay and said, “Maa ki gaali mat diyo” and started screaming. In the heat of the moment, he punched a window behind him which had glass covering and broke it. The glass was completely cracked and it could have even hurt his hand badly but it had a shield so he did not get injure by the glass.

As Bigg Boss mentioned that the three contestants from Bigg Boss Ott will be living inside the main house, having all the powers and immunity from the nominations, none of them could be nominated. Therefore, as a punishment for Pratik’s behaviour and rule break, Bigg Boss gave the punishment to all the Junglewasis and nominated them for the week. All of them were extremely disappointed as it was unfair with them. Umar Riaz even called Pratik a loser. Later, Pratik apologised to some of them and realised his mistake.

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