Pratik Sehajpal gets the Captaincy task cancelled as the housemates did not vote for him, Read here to know more

Pratik Sehajpal

Pratik Sehajpal does not agree with the housemates and gets the task cancelled: Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task in which there were 2 teams. In that task, there was a tie between both the teams therefore, another task was announced in which all the housemates had to choose 2 people as the contenders in the captaincy task. The decision had to be made between everyone and there had to be a mutual agreement amongst the housemates. Bigg Boss gave some time to everyone to come up with two names but since Pratik Sehajpal and Simba Nagpal did not agree with housemates, it affected the entire task.

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Housemates blame Pratik Sehajpal for the cancellation of the captaincy task

Pratik is a contestant with strong stand and he never fails to put his point clearly in front of everyone. He does what he feels is right and never listens to anyone’s opinion. In the captaincy task, he wanted to become the captain but majority of the housemates did not vote for him. It had to be a mutual decision but since Pratik and Simba did not agree, there was no common names from the housemates. Bigg Boss announced that if there is no “aapsi sehemati” then this task will not take place.

The setup for the task was made in the garden area but due to no “aapsi sehemati”, Bigg Boss cancelled the task. Earlier, there was a tie between teams and now the task could not take place which means there will be no captain for the week. Housemates blamed Pratik for the cancellation of the task and called him stubborn, selfish and self centred. He clearly said, “I don’t care” if the task has been cancelled, “I wanted to become a captain”, Later, He apologised to Bigg Boss for the same but did not bother to justify it to the housemates.

All the housemates were disappointed with Pratik’s behaviour. Do you think they will sideline Pratik? Let’s see in the upcoming episodes.

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