“You are looking like a fool”, Salman Khan warns Pratik Sehajpal in the first Weekend Ka Vaar Episode

Pratik Sehajpal

Pratik Sehajpal gets a warning by the host Salman Khan on the first Weekend Ka Vaar Episode: Pratik takes all the tasks seriously and trues to win them by giving his hundred per cent. His strategies are different from everyone in the house but sometimes these strategies prove out to be extremely wrong and not justified. Pratik Sehajpal also broke Bigg Boss’ property and as a result all the Junglewasis got nominated for his rule break. In the Weekend episode, Salman Khan made him realise that he has been doing wrong and is looking like a fool on the show.

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Salman Khan slams Pratik Sehajpal for his inappropriate behaviour inside the Bigg Boss 15 house

Pratik’s strategy went heavy on him as he was slammed by various contestants and then by the host, Salman Khan, who made him realise that he was wrong and he should not have done that. Pratik Sehajpal broke the lock of the washroom from outside when Vidhi was taking a shower and she was inside the washroom. Pratik gently broke the lock and Nishant was standing with him and keeping a watch that nobody watches them while doing that. When Vidhi came out she told everyone about the incident and many of the contestants including Karan and Vishal lashed out at him.

Pratik Sehajpal said that he was not sorry for what he did as he had no wrong intentions and he just did it to win a task. When Salman Khan asked him that would he done the same if his mother or sister were inside the washroom to which he replied, “Yes, I can do anything to win the task and I had no bad intentions” Salman said, “I would not spare you if my mother or sister were inside and you would have done this”.

Salman Khan made him feel guilty for what he did and told him that he should not cross his limits on the show. Pratik apologised to Vidhi later. He was also slammed for breaking the glass and destroying the property inside the house. Let’s see how will Pratik take the warning given to him by Salman Khan and implement it inside the house in the upcoming episodes.

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