Rajiv Adatia broke down in tears after Afsana Khan bodyshamed him, saying, “Aap toh iss mein fit hi nahi aaoge”

Rajiv Adatia

Rajiv Adatia gets hurt with Afsana Khan’s statement: It’s been a day since Rajiv Adatia’s entry as a wild card in the house and the game is already seeming to take a turn. He has started manipulating people and getting into arguments with the contestants. He warned Shamita Shetty about Vishal Kotian soon after which he schooled Ieshaan Sehgal about his relationship with Miesha Iyer and told him that it is not looking good outside and it is a big no no from his family. He also told him that he is not focusing on the game. In a recent episode, he broke down in tears when Afsana Khan passed a personal remark to him.

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Rajiv Adatia cries his heart out after Afsana Khan bodyshamed him

In the captaincy task, there were various alphabets placed in the garden area, they were huge and the contestants had to sit and stand inside them throughout the task. There were 2 teams, Team A and B. Team A had to try to take the contestants of Team B out from those alphabets. During the end of the task, Afsana Khan suddenly passed a comment to Rajiv, saying, “Aap toh iss mein fit hi nahi aaoge”, she meant that Rajiv won’t fit into the alphabets. It was a body shaming statement and Rajiv got extremely hurt and broke down in tears.

Shamita consoled him and told him that he is stronger than this. He told her that he has a medical problem and it was hurting him. Soon after which, Karan along with Afsana came to him. Afsana apologised to him and hugged him.

Rajiv and Ieshaan’s friendship is getting affected because of his relationship with Miesha

Soon after Rajiv Adatia entered the house, he is annoyed with Ieshaan’s behaviour on the show and both got into an argument. It is clearly visible that Rajiv is unhappy with Ieshaan’s relationship with Miesha and is not liking it at all. He is trying to manipulate him, it is embarrassing Ieshaan because he is constantly passing comments about his relationship. Let’s see what happens in their friendship in the upcoming episodes.

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