Rajiv Adatia and Ieshaan Sehgal get into a massive argument after the latter confronted him on his relationship with Miesha Iyer

Rajiv Adatia

Rajiv Adatia and Ieshaan Sehgal’s massive argument: It’s been a few days since the entry of the wild card contestant, Rajiv Adatia and the game has already taken a turn. It has been clearly seen that Rajiv is not so fond of Ieshaan Sehgal’s relationship with Miesha Iyer. He has been passing comments about their relationship since the day he entered. He schooled Ieshaan and told him that he is not focusing on his game and is looking like Miesha’s dog as he has no bond with anyone else in the house except Miesha.

He also told him that his parents does not like her and its a big no no. After all the comments, Ieshaan felt embarrassed and went to confront Rajiv which led to an argument between the two.

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Rajiv Adatia loses his calm when Ieshaan Sehgal confronts him

Ieshaan Sehgal was feeling embarrassed after Rajiv Adatia was constantly passing the same comments about his relationship with Miesha. Both of them are close and good friends from outside the house and have a soft corner for each other. Rajiv was disappointed with him as he was not doing anything on the show as per their plans and he fell in love in just a week which was not justified according to Rajiv.

Ieshaan went to confront him and told him that this is affecting his image and he is looking wrong on national television. He also said, “I am a straight guy but I am looking like a….” to which Rajiv said, “Mera muh mat khulwa.” Both of them broke out into a massive argument which turned into a fight. Shamita took Rajiv’s stand and tried to calm the situation. Housemates were seen calling Rajiv as Ieshaan’s “second wife” and Miesha’s “Sautan.” This offended him and he also took his stand.

Later, after the situation got cool, they tried to sort it out but Rajiv said that he will not talk to Ieshaan on the show. Let’s see how this friendship goes throughout the show in the upcoming episodes.

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