Rajiv Adatia enters the Bigg Boss 15 house as the first wild card contestant and changes the game, Read here to know more

Rajiv Adatia

Rajiv Adatia makes a surprise entry inside the house: Host, Salman Khan introduced the first wild card entry of the season, Rajiv Adatia on the Weekend Ka Vaar epiosde. He gave his strong opinions about all the contestants on the show. He mentioned that he does not like Vishal Kotian at all and find his game unfair. He did not enter the house on the Weekend, he made a surprise entry on Monday. Bigg Boss took away all the ration from the housemates as a punishment for their laziness.

There was nothing except water. After some time, an announcement was made, the ration was sent back in 3 huge pumpkins, there was ration inside 2 pumpkins and Rajiv inside one. Everyone was surprised to see Rajiv coming out of the pumpkin. Shamita got extremely excited and happy to see her Rakhi brother inside the house.

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Rajiv Adatia gives a reality check to Shamita about Vishal Kotian

Shamita Shetty is very close to Rajiv Adatia from outside and both consider each other as brother and sister. Rajiv is not happy to see Shamita’s transparency with Vishal as he is using her for his game. Rajiv warns Shamita about Vishal’s intentions and tells her that he is not her brother and is just using her to move ahead on the show.

He also told her that he has seen Vishal talking behind her back and not taking her stand. Shamita got hurt with what Rajiv told her about Vishal but it opened her eyes and when she confronted Vishal about the same, he did not accept about talking behind Shamita’s back. However, Shamita told him that she is hurt and angry at him. Vishal said, “Agar maine aisa bola hai, camera pe aya toh main show chodh ke chala jaunga.”

“You are looking like Miesha’s dog”, Rajiv Adatia schools Ieshaan Sehgal

Rajiv Adatia is freinds with Ieshaan Sehgal from outside and he ignored him when he entered the house. Ieshaan went to him and asked about the ignorance, Rajiv told him that he will talk to him. Both of them had a conversation, Rajiv told him that he is looking like a fool and is not focusing on his game. He is only seen with Miesha all the time and is looking like his dog. He further said, “3 din mein koi pyaar nahi hota”, “It’s looking vulgar”, “It’s a big no no from your family.” He opened Ieshaan’s eyes.

Will Shamita and Vishal still be on good terms and will Rajiv’s conversation with Ieshaan affect his relation with Miesha? It will be interesting to see this in the upcoming episodes.

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