“You should be eliminated for your own good”, Salman Khan lashes out at Afsana Khan for her awful behaviour in the house

Salman Khan

Salman Khan gets furious on Afsana Khan’s behaviour in the house: In the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode, the host, Salman Khan lashed out at Afsana Khan for using inappropriate words for various contestants in the house and for harming herself and behaving in an extremely disappointing manner. Afsana entered the house as a bubbly person but she is has been behaving in a completely different way and it is not coming out well. After her massive fight with Shamita Shetty and arguments with other contestants, Salman Khan warned her and asked her to improve her attitude in the house.

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Salman Khan calls Afsana Khan The “Superstar” of the season

Salman Khan said that if it was in his hands, he would have evicted her from the show for her behaviour and it would be for her own peace. To which, Afsana said that she has no problem in being evicted from the house, which left him furious. Salman tells Afsana what all nasty remarks she passed. He goes on to say and quote Afsana, “Shamita Buddhi Hai, Ghar Baithne Ka Time Hai Tera”, “Ghatiya Aurat”.

He then asked Afsana that will she tell everyone who is ‘ghatiya’, and who is not. Afsana then tells Salman, “Aap Bade Ho”, Salman cuts her in between and said, “Nahi Nahi Mein Buddha Hu” She then said that I was angry at that point of time. To which, Salman asked her that will she say anything, if she is in anger. He added, ‘Aapki zubaan toh chalti hi hai, uske saath aapke haath bhi chalte hai.”

Salman then said, “Aapka Set Pattern Hai.” to which Jay, Vishal and Shamita agreed. Shamita said that she first blames people, uses dirty words, then cries, and then she hurt herself. Salman said that given a choice to him, he would have eliminated her. Afsana said, “Mujhe Koi Problem Nahi Hai”, and Salman warned her. Later, Afsana apologised to everyone whom she passed comments and told them that she won’t repeat that in the house.

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