“Don’t take that tone with me madam”, Salman Khan confronts Tejasswi Prakash for her rude tone, Read here to know more

Salman Khan

Salman Khan schools Tejasswi Prakash for answering him back: After an argument with Shamita Shetty on Saturday, Salman Khan schooled Tejasswi Prakash when the actress answered him back in a rude tone. Salman Khan was offended with Tejasswi’s tone and asked him “why are you talking like that, please don’t take that thing with me madam.” He justified himself and told her that everything is not a joke.

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Tejasswi Prakash talks in a rude tone with Salman Khan

Host, Salman Khan gives a task to the housemates who will they trust in serious situations – Tejasswi or Shamita? Majority of the housemates took Shamita’s name as they think she is more mature and calm as compared to Tejasswi and gives a genuine advice. However, Umar took Tejasswi’s name because he found her ‘fun-loving’. Not satisfied with his choice, Salman asked him, “How will a fun-loving person be of use in a difficult situation?”

Tejasswi interrupted him saying, “Why are you repeating it so many times? Can’t he come to me in difficult times?” Salman looked offended and said, “And why are you talking to me like this? Don’t have this thing with me madam. If somebody is dying, he should come to you for comedy just because you are fun-loving. What the f*** is that?”

Tejasswi became quite and apologised to him and said that she was just feeling bad about why he is asking Umar again and again. Salman also scolded Umar for not giving a valid point.

As far as the nominations are concerned, 3 contestants including, Vishal, Akasa and Simba were nominated this week. Unfortunately, Akasa Singh got evicted due to lack of votes. Pratik got sad to see her leave the house. Let’s see what new twists happen in the upcoming week.

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