Shamita Shetty lashes out at Pratik and teams up with the junglewasis, “You both are selfish”, says Nishant, Read here to know more

Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty lashes out at Pratik as the latter was being selfish: Pratik stole the map given to the Junglewasis in order to enter the main house, this offended them and they planned to take a revenge for what Pratik did. Karan Kundra and a few other contestants made a strategy to steel Pratik’s luggage and locked it inside their washroom. Pratik tried everything to get his stuff back and he was trying to break the lock of the washroom. Karan Kundra warned Shamita that if he continues to behave this way, they will take her luggage too. Shamita tried to calm Pratik but he was not listening to her.

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Shamita Shetty chooses to change her team?

Shamita Shetty asked Pratik Sehajpal not to be selfish and think about her and Nishant too as they also had to bear the consequences of Pratik’s behaviour. Despite all of this, he was not ready to listen to anyone and was trying to break the lock of the washroom to get back his stuff. He said, “I can’t be scared of them and they can’t blackmail me” to which Shamita replied, “I am supporting you in all your fights since the day one and now you are being selfish”. They started arguing and had a war of words.

Shamita Shetty, Nishant Bhatt and Pratik Sehajpal entered the house as a team and were playing together before Pratik became selfish. Shamita lost her calm and she gave a part of the map which they stole to the Junglewasis and said, “I am playing for myself now”. Nishant started screaming at Shamita for giving the map to them and both of them had a loud argument.

Junglewasis were successful in making the three fight amongst themselves and it was a plus point for them as Shamita Shetty gave them a part of the map in anger. She even cried as she was hurt with Pratik’s behaviour and supported the Junglewasis. Will she change her team? Let’s see in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss season 15.

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